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‘Help me, I’m dying’

For this 63 -year- old man, Solomon Akinyemi life has become difficult for him as he has been in pain for the past five years after having prostatectomy (prostate surgery). According to him, he had undergone surgery three times as a result of error from the doctors. Now he is going for the fourth surgery and asked to pay over one million naira again to correct the surgery. Taiwo Abiodun reports.

First surgery
My name is Akinyemi Solomon , I live at N0 4, Julius Oladele Close, Arigbagbowo Phase 2, Mowe-Ibafo, Ogun State. I had prostatectomy (prostate surgery) at Gbagada General Hospital, Lagos, on 26 April, 2016. After the surgery faeces and urine were coming out from where I was cut, and I was at the hospital for good three months paying the medical bills. After some time the doctors tried to correct the mistake and for three months I was on admission, after they had tried and not successful I asked them to discharge me. “I buy cotton wool everyday to cover ….,They later referred me to LASUTH, Ikeja, and they said they wanted to do colostomy for me, they asked me to pay N180,000 and I struggled to look for the money .
Second surgery
”In June 2017 colostomy surgery was performed on me. I passed stool through my side, and a catheter was put on me. I cannot eat when going out until I come back no matter the time, stool would be coming out along with urine. When going out I would wear pampas because urine and faeces could come out at the same time. I wore pampers for two years and when it got to a stage I could not afford to buy it again so if am going out I would not eat but anytime i get home I would take little tea, and at two o’clock I would eat little till the following day, that is all. They told me they wanted to correct the surgery.’’
Third surgery
”In February, 2020 this year again and I was taken to the theatre and was operated on but urine was coming out from my anus, it didn’t pass where it should pass. I spent another three weeks in the hospital and was instructed not to come down from the bed So I was in the bed for three weeks. I was discharged again but before I got there, hospital had been closed because of COVID 19. They said they would send a text to me .., they said they would correct the surgery again. The first surgery was done at the General Hospital, Gbagada and twice in Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), and it was not successful as urine was coming out from my anus.’’
Waiting for the fourth surgery
“I have an appointment for another surgery and I am asked to bring over one million naira to do it. It is the money that I am looking for now.
I have spent my fortune, I have sold my landed property in Lagos for the first surgery but nothing came out of it.
I spent over N800,000 in Gbagada, I spent a fortune in LASUTH . I have lost my job since then .
I sold all my property, my family and friends including my church also assisted me financially to pay for the hospital bill. I overheard the doctors blaming one another for not doing the correction as early as possible , they pushed me around and were dodging me , shifting responsibility.
The catheter has been on me for over five years since 2015 when it was passed into my body by a doctor in Gbagada General Hospital who was said to have traveled out.
Pains, insomnia and lack of money
Solomon said he hardly sleeps and had not been comfortable for the past five years. His words: “I can’t sleep, I only sleep for two hours, the rest hours would be pains , and pains. I would sleep for one or two hours then wake up listening to the radio by force because of the pains. I have vowed not to commit suicide for God will blame me. The sight of my openings are gory for me to see not to talk of others seeing it. My wife is a school teacher, and her salary is nothing to write home about as she teaches in a private school.”
He continued:” Now I am asked to come October 26 (today) for the fourth surgery to correct it.”
Wife speaks
“My name is Adenike Akinyemi, I am the wife of Solomon. We were first advised not to go to government hospital because of some instances like this which were either not reported or under reported but believing we have experts and experienced doctors we opted for the government hospital aside that we could not afford the bills of private hospital for the surgery for fear of quacks and believing that government hospital has the equipment and medical experts in the area made us go to Gbagada General Hospital for the prostate surgery. Imagine the fatal error, after the operation he spent three weeks in the hospital where the doctor tried to correct the surgery, and we still paid!. This man does not sleep at night, he cannot do any work not to talk of the excruciating pains he goes through everyday since 2015. I am begging the Lagos State government and the LASUTH management to come to our aid .We have no money again. We have exhausted our savings. We have sold our landed property in Lagos cheaply In order to use it for his surgery. But see what happened now. .Our children are not working.”
Daughter cries out too
Save my father’s life for God’s sake
Miss Olayinka Solomon who is the daughter of the patient said ” it is disheartening to see my father crying everyday like a baby at night . He cannot eat or drink water like any other human being. It has been almost five years he has been on this, his prostate is not cancerous according to the doctor’s report but see what they have done to my father, from surgery to complications. I am pleading to the LASUTH to call experts in surgery, good surgeons and correct this error. Yes, I know doctors bury their mistake but this one is not yet buried, so therefore they should correct the mistake .We have no money to pay, the LASUTH should find solution to it. We are not suing anybody but please we don’t have over one million naira to correct the surgery again”She pleaded with the Lagos State government and Commissioner for Health to wade into this matter. She said” I am not accusing anybody. We are not saying they did this or did that but here is a human being groaning in pains everyday. Have a look at the gory pictures when he is not dead. I am jobless and my sister is a Youth Corps Member. Please help us. We are poor and we cannot afford the bill LASUTH asked us to pay again .
Lagos State Government Hospital Registration card number 246739( Urology Unit).
Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja Registration card number 382463.
Medical Report Re:Akinyemi Solomon/male/63yrs/ Hosp No 362463.
This is to certify that the above named is a known patient of the urology department with the Diagnosis Recto-vesical fistula who has been on Colostomy for three years.
He is being prepared for Het sical fistula repair and return of colostomy: He is however not financially stable for this procedure. Series of investigations preceded this diagnosis.
A total at one million one hundred and fourteen thousand naira only. =N=1114,000 will be needed for this operation.

Solomon Akinyemi Bejamin GTB; 0463114798 my phone number is 07038489154

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