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Help your spouse deal with stress

Help your spouse deal with stress

By Josephine Oguntoyinbo
W hile daily life can make your spouse feel stressed out, you have the power to boost his mood.

Stress can have  negative effects such as causing anxiety when he feels overwhelmed.

Also, chronic stress is dangerous, because it interferes with the ability to concentrate, causing wear and tear in the  body which can result in chronic fatigue.

According to research, workers with supportive partners are twenty five percent less likely to feel fatigued and stressed after work, therefore, rather than allow your stressed partner’s mood to weigh you down as well, there is the need to use few strategies to neutralize the stress and equally change the mood.

In the same vein, studies show that watching your spouse continually stressed out could be dangerous.  To this end, while your spouse needs to take responsibility for his feelings and actions, there are steps you can take to create a peaceful atmosphere in your home and for your partner.

There is no doubt, when your spouse is stressed and feels irritated, there is a chance that you might become the victim of his cold shoulder or annoyed gazes, but the facts remains that you may also show your cold side while you are in a stressed mood.

Therefore, notice when your spouse seems usually moody or withdrawn, it may be a  reaction or agitation over something you do not even consider an issue. Little things that never bothered your partner before may cause him to snap at you or lead to what you perceive to be unnecessary arguments due to stress.

Also, avoid ignoring changes in behaviour, try to ask him what the problem is.

 It is also necessary to know up to date your partner’s daily schedule, if you know he has a stressful event coming up, such as an extra shift at work or a meeting with boss, you can plan to help your spouse ease the stress, by a way of preparing meal, have tickets ready for movie you know your partner wants to watch among others.

Try to also offer your attention by asking about what has been your spouse stressed and then listen carefully as he explaining the issue. In some cases, you may be able to help fix the problems. All you need to do is to just give your partner a shoulder to lean on until he feels calmer.

Furthermore, physical activities is a strong counter against stress, if your spouse is willing to participate in an exercise, enjoy a work out together. This also provides an opportunity to tell each other about problems and frustrations. This can also make for a good distraction and stress buster.

In addition,  you must be a good listener, if your spouse comes home grumpy, let him rant for a while, you may have no idea of what your partner is talking about in terms of his job, but if you just try to listen carefully, you can solve the problem by offering suggestions and ideas and then move on with a happy home.

Also, every couple  their own way of doing things. Some homes are traditional with the woman primarily taking care of the house and some are modern with equal household responsibilities, where you can offer to take over for your spouse when he is stressed out and your partner will really appreciate the gesture, be equally rest assured that when the stressful period is over, he will reciprocate.

Likewise, you can easily find something to do in order to take your spouse mind off what is bothering him. Try to make your home a safe haven from all the stressful things that are going on in the work place and the society at large.

I emphasized that you must offer to help if you can because the little help is the biggest solution, you can never know if there is something you can do to help unless you ask.

You can as well offer a massage because the best kind of massage comes from you. It is amazing how quickly stress melts away when your body is relaxed especially with a loved one support.

Conclusively, do not add additional stress to an already stressed out person, you must think about what you can do to help. Remember that helping each other through trials and tribulations makes a marriage stronger, hence the need to be supportive to your spouse.

Do not forget that sometimes, little help can solve a problem. May you continue to enjoy a blissful home.

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