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High Praise for High God

Odunayo Ketiku

I welcome dear readers to the Month of November. His instruction for us this month is to praise Him in a unique manner. In this edition, we shall be looking at what Praise entails and we can Praise Him in the midst of challenges.
Praise is an expression of adoration. It expresses respect and gratitude, admiration and commendation. All things are created to adore God, the Creator, Rev 4:11.
In Gen 2:19-20, we saw the first act of worship of Adam. Every name given expresses the ingenuity of God. Each name shows the bigness and greatness of God.
The second act of worship of Adam was the acceptance of the woman that God created for him. He said “now this is the bone of my bone” Gen 2:23.
The source of his spiritual life is his daily fellowship with God. As long as he was in fellowship, he was doing well. But when the fall came, he lost fellowship and fear came in and he went into hiding, Gen 3:10. God stepped in again and made a way of escape for us to come back to Him in the place of fellowship so we can adore Him. Ephesians 2:4-6 shows that we are now seated in Christ Jesus. You are not here. You are only here physically but spiritually, you are seated in Christ Jesus, believe it. He took us there so we can fulfil purpose which is to bring glory to His name. Isaiah 43:21″This people have I formed for myself; they shall shew forth my praise”.
Sweetheart, for our lives to bring glory to God and to Jesus, for us to live and praise Him, Jesus poured out His life for us. 2 Corinthians 5:21, He didn’t have to but He did, He died to bring us into intimacy with God. Hebrews 7:18, He asked me to tell you that He knows what you are going through, Psalms 94:9. May I tell you that He allowed it so you can allow Him to step in and once He steps in, you will see His glory. Lets see an example in the book of Luke 5:1, Peter was fishing on the Lake of Genazareth. He laboured and laboured but no results. Is that why you are downcast too, because you didn’t see any results? I bring good news to you, like it happened to Peter, it will happen to you. Jesus knew He would be using Peter’s boat to preach. If Peter had been successful, he would have gone home and there would have been no boat for the assignment that day. If there had been no boat, there wouldn’t have been the miracle we are reading about today. God’s purpose must come to pass, my life must bring glory to His name. He must use my life for His glory. The fishes were not allowed to show up by their Creator all night because there must be a net breaking catch in the day. As soon as Jesus finished preaching, the fishes were released. Peter was instructed to launch out into the deep. Instructions follow Obedience. As soon as Peter did that, fishes started coming into his net. He looked up to Jesus, the Author and Finisher and bowed in awe of Him. You are encouraged to take your eyes away from the storm of life and:
● Look up to the One who created all things for His pleasure and purpose Revelation 4:11
● Look up to the only One that feeds everything on earth Psalms 145:15-16; 104:27 when you are faced with scarcity and lack.
● Look up to the only One that knows the number of stars and gives each of them names Isaiah 40:26, Psalms 147:4 when you are overwhelmed and its like you are going down.
● Look up to the One that rides on the wings of the wind Psalms 104:3 when storms come against your home, finances or health.
● The sand of the whole earth has Kilogramme, who can tell us the weight? Isaiah 40:12. He knows your name .
● The One that has no successor and so is able to save to the uttermost Hebrews 7:24-25. You can’t go under. That challenge will not break or mar you. Look unto the One that has no abandoned project. He will finish what He started. Give Him quality Praise.
● Look up to the One that opened the red sea for Israel and closed it up on Egypt. Your pursuers are not as heavily equipped. Relax and give God high Praiss.
● Look up to the One that carried Israel on eagles wings for 40 years in the wilderness, no wonder their sandals did not tear
● Look up to the One that can never be exhausted. He is inexhaustible.
When the children of Israel needed water and there was none, Rock brought the water out Psalms 78:16
When Elijah needed to be fed and all angels were busy, He sent the raven to bring fried meat to him 1 kings 17:6
When the widow was to suffer shame and embarrassment because her husband left her debt, He turned her into an oil merchant 2 kings 4:1-7
When Jesus needed to supply 5,000 men without enough supplies, 2 small fishes and 5 loaves of bread began to spread like oil poured on the floor Matthew 14:21 and fish became POS for daddy Jesus to avoid embarrassment in Matthew 17:27.
Take your eyes off the situation now and see the bigness of God. Break through your flesh now, allow His Majesty to fill your space. Give it to Him as you worship Him now. I say to you just as Jesus did – Launch out now into the deep and give Him quality worship and watch Him do only what He can do.
1. Can you please call Him His names
2. Please mention all these attributes we have said and the ones He will reveal to you Himself, mention it back to Him.
3. Now with a loud voice, like the leper sang His praise. Use your weapons of praise to celebrate Him in your own way. We are not thanking Him for what He has done, we are just adoring Him for who He is. We will thank Him for what He did. He is God. With or without man, He is still God.
Peradventure you have not given your life to Jesus,there is no way your spirit man would praise Him qualitatively. It is the Spirit that quickens. Without Him in your life,you have no meaningful spiritual life that can praise God at all times.
Please can I with all sense of humility invite you to be part of our Forthcoming Convention. It kicks off on Tuesday 16th through Sunday 21st November 2021. Your Presence will surely add color to the event and you shall be heavily blessed. Time is 4.30pm, 6.30am and 9am daily. The Venue is Christlike Assembly, opposite Akure South Local Government secretariat, Ilesa Road, Akure. Ondo State. Please Come. You are God’s Treasure in Earthen Vessel. You shall never remain the same.

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