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‘Hip-hop songs also touch souls’

By Kayode Olabanji

An upcoming Hip-hop artiste, Sunday Oluwashola Olatubosun, also known as Shorleety, said hip hop is good music that could touch souls and make a positive change in people’s lives contrary to people’s negative perception of the genre of music.
While speaking with Friday Extravaganza, Olatubosun noted that hip-hop music can change people for good and inspire them, saying that was why he chose the music genre.
“Most people think there is noting inspiring in hip-hop songs. My aim is to make good songs compared to other hip-hop artistes.
Shorleety, who hails from Ekiti State but was born and brought up in Ondo State, said his aim is to become great in the music industry, to be heard all over the universe, adding that he chose music because he loves it. “It is one of the things I cannot do without, it has become part of me from my childhood,” he said.
“There are lots of artistes that I do listen to but I made Olamide Baddo my mentor because he inspires me a lot with his style of music
“I have released four tracks, MAFO 2020, OSANLE and others, and I’ve done some collaborations too, presently working on my Extended play (EP).
“But I chose MAFO 2020, as my favourite while the track, OSANLE (Agony Of A Sad Lad) featuring my childhood friend, UPWIZZY, was my true life story, the sad story of my life concerning my biological mother’s nonchalant attitude, who left us, three kids alone years back uncared for.
“Consequently, I had made up my mind to release a song track yearly about my agony which I would never forget.
However, there lot of challenges since I started my music career, it has been only God and no one else. I am paying my bills (studio session, bloggers, graphic designer.. etc) myself, no promoter , no sponsor, no record label.
“Even if I’m invited to a show, I’ll have to beg the DJ and MC before they could allow me to perform on stage. I just got my Dad’s support late last year but still paying the bills myself. But I believe in God. Sooner or later, my helper will locate me.
Shorleety, however, advised his colleagues in the music industry not to relent, keep on with the good work and should not take someone else as competition because if they do, they may not discover the vibe and talent in them.
You will be copying that person’s pattern which might not be your way, see no one as your rival, keep the code, Zero Hate, Zero Competition, do things right and make God first and don’t look down on anyone,” he stated.

  • Shorleety
    18th June 2020 at 8:26 pm

    Thanks So Much
    God Bless You sir

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