Horticulture: Expert calls for special attention

By Kehinde Oluwatayo
To enjoy the numerous benefits of flowers, Nigerians particularly the South westerners have been enjoined to be specific about having it around them.

Speaking to The Hope in an interview in Akure, Veteran broadcaster and Managing Partner of Exotic Flower Garden, Mrs Biola Olatunde said most Nigerians particularly those in the villages live with flowers in its raw state and do not give specific attention to it.

According to her, there are flowers in the villages and the people there do not see the particular reason to be specific about having it in their homes.

“When you go to the villages, particularly in the south west you find flowers everywhere, they live with it in its raw state. They do not give it any specific attention. In fact, they only see it as herbs and not as decoration.

“But in cities where everywhere is concrete, it is only those who feel they should bring nature to their environment or have flowers in their mansions that ask for it.

“In Calabar, it is so automatic that in virtually all the villages, you will find the simplest form of flowering going on among them. They work with it. At times we feel they even take it for granted. I like them and that is why they are healthier.

“It is only in southwest here that we make noise that only the middle class that should have it. Poor middle class people over there have flowers around them,” she said.

Highlighting the numerous benefits of flowers, Mrs Olatunde noted that different types of flowers have different benefits.

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   Apart from the aesthetic beauty flowers give the environment, Olatunde said some flowers purify the environment, help change ones oxygen and make one live normal while some have herbal qualities.

According to her, flowers can be structured to follow a particular pattern as wall covering for someone who does not have the energy to continue to change the colour of  his wall every time and it will stay there permanently and give fresh, vibrant colour.

While saying flowers generally enhance the environment, bring satisfaction and ensure some level of peace, Olatunde said you can’t find people fighting at the park and when people go to homes where there are flowers, they are careful of how they walk and talk.

Speaking on the business aspect of horticulture, Olatunde said it is lucrative enough to keep body and soul together adding that even those who did not have a degree in horticulture can learn from those who have garden.

She however charged young men and women who are seeking for employment to be creative and think of what they can do to be self reliant.

The Managing Director of the garden, Mr Anthony Olatunde said government at a time showed interest in putting flowers in the streets, schools and offices adding that the interest is no longer there.

Horticulture: Expert calls for special attention

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Horticulture: Expert calls for special attention

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