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Housewife chased out with voodoo

By Sunmola Olowookere
How do one salvage a broken marriage especially if the spouse is unwilling. Omolayo’s marriage was fast turning to a nightmare.  “Will he change from this terrible attitude?”

This thought was uppermost in her heart. the man who married her with such love and affection seems to have left and a monstrous monster has taken his place.

Her heart sank all the more as she considered the outcome his attitude will have on their marriage if he refuses to change.

She looked at her two children ànd wished with her whole heart that her husband would trust her.

Instead of changing, her husband only got worse. He accused her of infidelity as he claimed that he has his “boys” watching her movements.

Though she protested her innocence and truth be told, he had never caught her red handed, he believed that it was her smartness that helped her to elude him each time he trailed her to any of the hotels he would have been told she was.

Without any proof, he was certain that she was unfaithful.

This continued for some time and at a point when the man could no longer bear it, he reported the case to his family.

His family members saw red and decided to use rituals to chase her away.

It was a very difficult time for her parents as they did not know whom to believe. While her husband lamented his woes at being unfortunate to have loved an unfaithful wife, their daughter protested her innocence and claimed that it was the enemies of their marriage that were giving her husband false news.

One day, she came home and met her husband’s uncles and aunts. She was alarmed as she was not informed of their coming. They asked her to sit while declining any offer of refreshment.

They brought out a calabash and placed it on the table with water inside.

The eldest person spoke “your wife, we are here today on a serious business. Our husband has accused you of adultery. Now you will have to drink this water if you are innocent of the allegation levelled against you. However if you are guilty, don’t drink it because if you do, you will run mad”.

She sighed in resignation as she realized that her husband had again brought his trouble.

She faced them squarely ” I have never been unfaithful to my husband. God sees my heart and my Husband knows too deep down him, in spite of all his terrible suspicions.”

Then the man told her that they came fully prepared for her and that she would have to leave her matrimonial home if she refuses to drink the water.

when she remained adamànt in spite of all their entreaties. They pushed her out of the house, placed her children inside one car which sped off immediately and flung her things to her outside.

The neighbours by then were gathered as they were attracted by her cries as they took her children away and the family began the ritual in earnest.

They took a cock, wring its neck and rounded the building three times and placed it at the entrance and pour libations on it as she stood there watching them in a stupefied fashion.

They however warned her to leave and not try to enter the house as she would swell up, burst and die after seven days.

Tried as her parents did, they could not resolve the problem. Since then, she had been living with her parents and her children are allowed to come visit her during holidays.

Though she tried to make herself happy, she still missed her marriage and whenever her children were going back to their father’s family after each visit, she would feel as if her heart was breaking.

Housewife chased out with voodoo

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Housewife chased out with voodoo

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