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Housewife, widow fight over rich concubine

Sunmola Olowookere

Not minding public censure, reproach or risk of being sent packing from their matrimonial homes, two housewives had thrown decorum into the winds and engaged themselves in a huge verbal abuse and eventual fisticuffs when their anger boiled over.
Residents were shocked to hear that they were fighting over a concubine; a rich Honourable Member of the House of Assembly.
They talked rashly, exposing secrets that made ears of those hearing them to ring. They however cared less. Mama Johnson and the young widow were known to be friends. When the husband of the young widow died, she had been a huge support to her.
Mama Johnson and her friend were in their early thirties. They both live in their husbands’ houses. Although widowed, the other woman has a protective in laws that were supporting her as much as they could.
Mama Johnson is a civil servant but she sells jewelries as a side hustle. She has several influential customers that patronize her which made her business to flourish, she rides a Toyota sport car.
The two women attended the same church which made them closer. Mama Johnson encouraged her friend to start selling men underwear.
She showed her how to go about the business and where to get them. She also took a step further by introducing her to some of her influential customers.
That was to mark the beginning of their problem. Unknown to the widow, her friend was having affairs with some of her rich customers which made it a double hustle for her.
Therefore, when one of them showed interest in her, she gave in to his sexual overtures. Unknown to her, he was one of the customers having an affair with her friend. When the man was introduced to the widow by mama Johnson, he was hooked by the cool and slender beauty.
In comparison to Mama Johnson’s buxom and bleached body with exaggerated makeup and tinted hair, the widow was a refreshing change.
He waited until she came back to him alone before he made his move.
The widow was happy to be getting a man’s attention after three years of loneliness and a heady affair ensued. Trouble reared its ugly head when the “honourable ” began to neglect Mama Johnson because he had found a new “fish.”
She made her findings and discovered that it was her bosom friend whom she tried to help that was usurping her opportunity.
She was very angry and her friend was puzzled as to why she was so angry at the knowledge that she was having an affair with her customer.
It was glaring that Mama Johnson was bitterly jealous and she kept yelling “did I take you there to have an affair with him? No wonder he no longer picks my call. After helping you, is this how you should repay me? You are a traitor!”
The widow was incensed at the unjust attack and gave back as good as she got “why are you embarrassing me like this? Is he your husband or your concubine? I’m a grown up woman. I don’t need to take permission from you before I date anyone. Afterall, I have been alone since all these years! “
The verbal exchange was bitter and hot. Unfortunately the scene was at their church where they went for a vigil. It was late in the night and the scene of the fight was in front of the church where other residents of the neighbourhood could see them.
The quarrel soon became a fullblown fight as they began to hit and bite themselves. It took the intervention of their prophetess to break up the fight and she marched them into the mission house for a serious talking-to.
However the damage had been done as the scandal spread like wild fire.


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