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How do you want to be proposed to?

By Bukunmi Adebayo & Lucky Odjenima

Marriage proposal is very special for intending couples, especially for ladies as it signals the readiness and commitment of men to tie the knot with them. However, the proposal, just like marriage ceremony, comes with its dimensions and preferences.

Nowadays, Youths love enacting in proposing to their heartthrobs. For many, the more dramatic, the more excited they would be while for some, they prefer a quiet proposal.

It is important for a man to know the kind of proposal his wife-to-be prefers in order to avoid embarrassment.

The Hope sought the opinions of some young ladies and men on their choice of marriage proposal.

Ogunboye Elizabeth

The type of proposal I like should be in form of surprise; maybe during my birthday because I really like surprise. A place where there are many people and the guy will just go down on his knees and ask me questions and stuff like that because surprise proposal is very cool.

Oyewole Temitope

When you ask a guy this kind of question it comes as a shock to them because in Nigeria we know it’s always the other way round, the guy does the proposing not the other way round. But  as a guy  I wouldn’t want it to be something that I am aware of, let it be a kind of surprise and maybe at a dinner it will be okay or a place where we are in a gathering with friends; people that we are close with.

Ukenemere Precious

I want my beau to take me out on a dinner date with flowers. Then he can go ahead and propose with flowers and  also I will like it if he makes it a surprise for me such as inviting my friends over without letting me know this is the type of proposal I like. That is what I want.

Lawson Simbiat

I will love a very cool place. It can even be just the two of us in the room because I do not like the idea of show off proposal. This is because I do not like people seeing everything about me. I love a very cool, silent, perfect private proposal.

Adeola Oluwapelumi

If I want to propose to my girlfriend, I prefer taking her to a quiet place along with my friends and her friends which can make it like five people because I do not like a crowded place with too many people and I do not like being embarrassed. I have been seeing many people doing such thing in public and what did they get in return? Sometimes disappointment or the girl will reject them and tell them that she is not ready. So, I prefer taking her to a quiet place or even going to a bar and it will be just only I and my friends and her friends as well and somewhere very romantic as well.

Olubunmi Abiodun

The kind of marriage proposal I will like it in a surprise way.  The reason why I choose it is because I am a kind of person that like surprise.

Precious Olayinka

I prefer marriage proposal to be private because I do not want noisy stuff. So, I prefer private proposal.

Iji Martha Inumidun

I will like my marriage proposal to be a surprise one because I will be very happy when I know but it should not be in a crowded place, it should just be me, him, his friends and my friends.

 Oluwasegun Ogunejumelo

I love a marriage proposal where there will be many people, like during outing and I love it because I want many people to know of it.

Oluwatomisin Owoseni

I will love a romantic marriage proposal. It is my dream and that is how I want it. I will love it to be just me and my partner alone; no friend, no family in a very gorgeous venue. There should be beautiful flowers, a romantic song should be played in the background and before he propose, I will love that my partner pour out his heart, all he feels about me and just everything. I will love to hear something romantic.

Nyma Eniola

The kind of marriage proposal I will like to present to my partner should be during a family dinner. I like it because I want my loved ones, parents, friends and family  to witness my happy moment.

Owoseni Eyinjuolodumare

I want a private, creative marriage proposal and the reason why I want it is because I am a type of person that is shy and I do not like noisy place. I want it to be a room full of photos of me and my partner, plan a date night at home, filled with chocolate and all sorts of snacks, create a custom puzzle and so on.

Sunday Akinfade

I like to propose to her in my house. I want everything to be cool. I do not want people to be aware about it at that moment. I want it to be in secret so that when people later get to know, it will be a surprise to them.

Ogunlana Micheal

I will propose to her in loveable way she would feel special and feel appreciated. I will fix a day or night or probably take her to the cinema to watch a very romantic movie. After the movie, I will just offer the proposal by surprise. When I want to propose, I want to put her in a position where she will feel happy. I want it to be a simple proposal.

Olamiotan Falekulo

I want my partner to propose to me by the boat side. I just want me and him only. I want a quiet place. I do not want crowd .

Temitope Peter

I will make it loud because I want to make her happy so that she can feel I am the right man for her. I will do it in a  good environment, when both of us are having fun.

Omobolanle Olabanji

I want my partner to propose to me like a photo-shoot because I really like to capture that moment. I want him to arrange the photographer and go for photo-shoot. I will like my partner to propose to me in that way because I want that moment to be captured .

Faith Akinrolayo

I want it to be in a low-key; not a place that is full of people. I want it in a secret place where there is little people around there. I like to do my thing on low-key. I do not like to expand it; I just want few people to know about it.

Gbemisola Makinwa

I want something in private and I do not want a situation whereby you invite all your family members and all your friends. I just want it private because I am a shy person. If you want to propose to me, just try and respect yourself; do not make it public.

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