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How I made 4.91 CGPA- Elizade best graduating student

How I made 4.91 CGPA

– Elizade best graduating student

Miss Ijeoma Ugwulebo, the best graduating student of Elizade University, Ilara-Mokin with 4.91 CGPA in this interview with BUKOLA OLAMONA, spoke about her background and how she was reluctant to attend Elizade University.          Excerpts

Your name?

I am Miss Ijeoma Ugwulebo.

What is your course of study?


How old are you?

I am 21 years old.

How did you make it?

I will like to say it is God and also my mother is my major encouragement.

How did she encourage you?

She will always tell me not to give up, that it might seems very tough now but that at the end I  will realized that it worth it.

Your background?

I am the only child of my mum, but I belong to an extended family, so there are lots of competitions where I came from.  I am an indigene of Imo State and I came to Elizade by chance, it’s not by choice but I would  say it’s by the will of God.

I actually wanted to study medicine but my mum pushed me to study Microbiology here and at first, I thought I would not give my all to it because that was not what I wanted to study but I would say my mum and her prayers were contributory factors.

How many time did you write JAMB?

I wrote it twice.

Did you choose Elizade?

No, I did not but I did a change of institution.

You said at first, you did not like the school, so how did you cope?

Yes,  I was even reluctant but when I got here I love the environment because it felt that I was not in Nigeria, there was no stress and I loved it and everyone I spoke to will say just put in your best.  The lecturer were good too.

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What are the challenges you faced?

My number one challenge was my stubbornness because of my refusal to come here in the first place, so I had to convince myself to love it and after that it was smooth sailing.

And academically?

Academically, my biggest challenge was when I didn’t get something, I got easily frustrated like when I set my mind on a certain goal and then I don’t get to that goal, I might just give up at once, so it took a lot of encouragement and a lot of hard work to get to this place.

Was there any time you felt like opting out?

No, but it was just at the beginning that I didn’t want to come but when I got here, there was no point opting out.

What is your focus?

My focus right now, are two, but I don’t know if you will call that a focus any more, I would rather go and get my Masters in Biotechnology or I will go back and study Medicine.

Considering your age?

I am just 21.

My age does not matter as long as I have passion for it.

Don’t you consider the rigours and challenges?

It’s what I love, you don’t think about challenges for what you love, so by God’s grace I will, I did not intend to be here but God brought me here so by His grace if it’s not Medicine, it will be something favourable also.

You have always been talking about your mother since, what about your father?

My dad is the bookie of the house, he is always telling me, you have to be the best, he is always pushing me to be the best, he had other kids before me so he knows how to push.

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So you do not have the intention to go to academics?

If I go to study Biotechnology, I will definitely think about academics.

How social were you on campus?

To some people, I was social, to some people I was very quiet.

What about yourself?

I am very quiet if you don’t know me.

How I made 4.91 CGPA- Elizade best graduating student

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How I made 4.91 CGPA- Elizade best graduating student

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