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How men rock pencil trousers

How men rock pencil trousers

By Bamidele Kolawole
Pencil trousers are one of the most trending fashion outfit, of this demanding civilized century. It is worn by both male and female but male have more claim to it than female,  In fact it is originally meant for Males but based on how fitted and unique it makes the wearer look, females adopt it as one of theirs.

Just as leggies belong to female so also pencil trousers belong to males. It is called pencils due to its dimensional attractive shape and curve.

When putting on the trouser, it brings out someone’s physique, make body free and accord the wearer a very special smart look and sensational slim appearance.

The uniqueness of pencil trousers is of high, in fact there is no kind of body shape that can not fit-in to pencil trousers. It is used by both gender of different categories ranging from kids to youth and adult. It can also be sewn with Jean, chinos, plain materials Ankara, lace, and other local fabrics.

Pencil trousers is the most popular and sought after style in vogue that suits all occasions be it children or adult occasion.

However, findings have shown that some Men do wear it in an unfashionable manner. That is why Fashion en vogue brings you this article to correct such uncivilised fashion sense by providing an hint that can be a good guide if properly mastered.

Whenever someone put on pencil trousers, it is advisable to match it up with smart or fitted shoe. Do not wear shoe with long mouth, wide sole or high heel (for ladies) if it is sandal or pam slippers; keep to the same rule.

Whenever you are on pencil attire, it is very bad to fee up your pocket, do not fill your pocket with too much load. Filling up all pocket especially sides once with loads is uncivilised because it kills fashion and spoil nice outfit.

This will make your body outfit and footwear have some kind of harmony and uniformity that will make your fashion sense what everybody will be jealous of on sighting.

Owena Press Limited (Publisher of The Hope Newspaper), Akure

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