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How much would a man earn to be your husband?

By Maria Famakinwa


Nobody can undermine the role of money as a sustainable tool for any union. Hence, in most African countries, Nigeria especially, man as the head of the family, is expected to be financially buoyant before thinking of marriage. For a man to meet his financial obligations helps the marriage to be more enjoyable.
The importance of money in a marriage cannot be over emphasized. Lack of money puts pressure and strain on marital relationships which could lead to debauchery. To guard against this, some ladies make sure that before giving their consent, they must know how much their potential husbands earn per month. The Hope spoke with some of them on how much they expect their men to earn monthly before they can agree for marriage.



Victoria Anuoluwapo, an undergraduate
“In my opinion, a man should earn nothing less than N500,000.00 monthly. With this amount, I believe he will survive, as long as he lives within his budget and sets his priorities right. I’m sure he can comfortably take care of the family, both immediate and extended.
However, with this amount, his state of residence has to be considered. We cannot compare someone who resides in Lagos with a man that lives in Ibadan.



Grace Amos, Computer operator
In order to cope with the current economic reality, my dream man must earn N150,000 monthly and above, if only he wants to settle down within the South-West States except Lagos. But if we are to live in Lagos State, the man should earn at least N300,000 for the family’s sustainability. With this amount, the family’s need can be met. Most marriages are facing challenges today because couples neglect the most important ingredient for marital happiness which is money.
Money is clearly one of the most emotional issues people face in life. Having money easily elicits feelings of confidence, peace, self-esteem and belief in your man’s ability to care for you and your children. Money provides adequate security for a marriage to thrive. There is unspeakable peace in a woman’s life when the man can provide financially for the home. Money is the glue that keep couples together.




Asemoloye Abimbola, make-up artist
Money is the tool that helps oil the wheel of matrimony. When a woman knows what a man earns, it is easy for her to decide if she can cope or not and will also know how much support the man will require from her. I believe I should enjoy my marriage and not endure it. How then can I enjoy my marriage if my husband cannot provide for my basic needs and that of the children? Such scenario puts a strain on marital life.
That is why I have decided not to marry a salary earner., I prefer a business man. If I say he must earn at least N200,000 -N300,000 monthly in this present economy, it is difficult to get such a job expect one goes into business. It is important for a lady to know how much a man earns before marrying him. It matters a lot because marriage is a lifetime agreement and the individuals involved should know where they stand before getting into it.


Temitope Afolarin, an undergraduate.
Our place of residence will determine the amount my potential husband should earn. If we want to reside in Lagos Island, I can manage N700,000. If it is outside Lagos, like Ondo, Oyo, Kwara and Osun, I can manage N200, 000.This is the reality of it because meeting essential needs as a man is not easy. What I dread most in life is poverty.
I want a man who can conveniently provide for my needs and that of the children. That is only when you can talk of love and plan ahead. A man’s financial stand can make or mar the marriage




Florence Tapgun, a graduate
I will say averagely, my prospective husband should earn between N100,000-N150,000 monthly because when you look at the economy in this present dispensation, costs of living is increasing on a daily basis. If a man earns either of the above mentioned amounts, he will be able to meet basic needs of his family.
Most importantly, it makes the man independent and responsible in his home. Not only providing for the immediate needs of the home, a man should also save for unforseen contingencies and emergency. With a better pay he will be able to establish himself and the wife for any financial emergency. A man who is financially responsible in his home will create an atmosphere of love. This will also help to reduce the pressure couples feel and enable them to focus more on building the relationship.




Tosin Akinwumi, undergraduate
With the current economic situation in the country, I can manage a man that earn between N150,000-N200,000 per month in Ondo, Ekiti or Osun States. If it is in Lagos State or Abuja where standard of living is high, the man must earn between N300,000-N400,000 per month to sustain the home. Though, some may think that I am too expensive, to live a comfortable life without depending on anybody, my man should earn such amount. Come to think of it, you will want to feed well, give your children the best education aside meeting the financial needs of your extended family and that of your wife.
These are what married men face on a daily basis in the country. Money is the tool that helps to oil the wheel of matrimony, without which love can suddenly become hate and resentment. Earning a fat salary to sustain the marriage is not negotiable. It is one of the fundamental requirements for marital success.

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