How we ‘ll celebrate Valentine – Nigerians

By Oluwadamilola Akinduro


As the world celebrates Lovers’ Day today, Nigerians have been enjoined to reflect its purpose and prioritize their health and well-being during the celebration.

Some Nigerians while expressing their views with The Hope on Valentine’s day celebration, said some persons especially youths see it as an avenue to engage in immoral act which negates the purpose of the celebration.

They also harped on moderate celebration of true love and intentions towards their loved ones and most especially the needy in the society.

A septuagenarian, Mrs Comfort Ally said St Valentine was a patron saint in the Catholic church and is being celebrated every year.

“I have always known about St Valentine because I am a Catholic and the Church always honour him on that day. But I think because of civilization, the celebration has become very huge and many people don’t even understand anything about it, but I do.”

A Saxophonist, Taiwo Owaniyi said to him, Valentine’s Day is about sacrifice, devotion, love and honor in the face of overwhelming and dangerous odds.

According to him: “While making your Valentine’s Day plans, remember St. Valentine who was willing to give his life in pursuit of love and marriage, and ask yourself if you would be willing to do the same for those you profess to love.”

Also speaking, a Nurse, Mrs Rose Afolabi said Valentine’s Day is a day of reconciliation for those having issues with their friends and loved ones, most especially couples having difficulties in the marriages.

Mr Samuel Olowolayemo a private school teacher in Akure said he hopes to have a quiet moment with his wife for the celebration as they reflect on their love life and chart a way forward.

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On her part, an hairdresser, Miss Abimbola Adebisi said Valentine’s Day is not considered a public holiday but it’s quite popular because of the importance people attached to it.

She said people usually exchanged gifts with their loved ones and have a romantic dinner at home or in restaurants.

An oil and gas worker, Mr Peter John said every day, minute and second should be considered as Valentine’s Day and not a special day dedicated for it.

A car dealer, Ayomiotan Edward said he’s not really a fan of Valentine’s day because of his upbringing.

He said he shows love to his family and friends everyday which implies celebrating Valentine’s Day.

On his part, a student, Feranmi Adeoba said the day is recognised as a significant cultural, religious, and commercial celebration of romance and love in many regions around the world.

How we ‘ll celebrate Valentine – Nigerians

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How we ‘ll celebrate Valentine – Nigerians

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