Husband forfeits property for contempt of court

By Kayode Olabanji
There was a mild drama in the early hours of  October 14, this year, as some officials of the Ondo State Customary Court, stormed the house of a man and moved some of his vital property to the premises of the court, in Oke-Eda, for failure to obey court order.

The Hope Metro was at the scene when the officials of the court and law enforcement agents,  came to the house of the man, Mr Samuel Omoare, at Omoare street, Gaga community,  Akure and packed his property in  execution of  a court order.

Like a movie scene,  right in the presence of Omoare, his property which include a camry car, with plate number KRE 826 AZ, a set of furniture and other household items were whisked to the court premises.

The Hope Metro gathered that the court had earlier ordered Omoare to pay back the loan he obtained through his wife from a Micro- finance bank, within 14 days or forfeit his property

But the man was said to have disobeyed the court order, which  attracted the wrath of the law

It will be recalled that about two weeks ago, The Hope Metro had published the divorce story in which   the Grade A Customary Court sitting in Akure, had dissolved the marriage between Omoare and his estranged wife, Toyin.

Samuel Omoare, who was the plaintiff in the divorce case, had dragged his wife, Toyin before the court, seeking for the dissolution of their     marriage.

During the hearing, the defendant, Toyin, had told the court that Omoare wanted to divorce her because he did not want to pay back the N500,000 loan he obtained through her from a Micro-finance bank.

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The defendant, in a counter-claim filed  through her lawyer, Mr Morakinyo Ogele, had also tendered documents to support her testimony, which were admitted by the court as exhibits CC1, D1-D5.

In its judgement, the court presided over by Mr R.F Olusanya,  had ordered Omoare to refund the loan he obtained from the bank.

The court order pasted on the car read: “On the 30th October, 2018, judgement was given against Samuel Omoare, (plaintiff) in favour of Toyin Omoare, (defendant) to pay the sum of (N500, 000) five hundred thousand naira, being a loan borrowed through her from a Micro-finance bank.

“And a cost of N5,000.00 awarded to the defendant (counter claimant). Whereas default has been made in payment according to the said judgement/order.

It was learnt  that  Omoare’s  alleged neglect and failure to comply with the judgement order  of paying the amount stipulated after 14 days,  led the court officials with law enforcement agents to visit  his  house  and  executed  the  court order.

Husband forfeits property for contempt of court

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Husband forfeits property for contempt of court

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