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Husband threatens to commit suicide

Husband threatens to commit suicide

By: Seye Fakinlede
“My lord, please, dissolve the  relationship between my wife and I, because her attitude will kill me.

“I am a very hot  tempered  man. So, please tell her to leave my house, or  I’ll commit  suicide.

These and more were the statements  made  by a  middle-age man, Chief Awotunde Oyewumi,  before  a Grade A customary Court  sitting in Akure.

The petitioner, Oyewumi, told the court  that the 25-year-old  union had produced three children whose  ages range  from 18 years  to 12 years.

 ” I was a bachelor when I met her while we were living in the same rented apartment. She was living there having been separated from her husband. I cannot explain how we ended up co-habiting for 25years while she  bore me four children.”

She is currently living in my house, which I had left because of her attitude towards me. She made the children to disrespect me, abscond from school, and the mechanic apprenticeship I arranged for the second child. I am a hot tempered person, please tell her to leave my house before I commit murder.

This woman  is a quarrelsome woman. Even the day the bailiff came to give her the court’s summon, she threw stones at her, thereby  damaging my phone  he removed the phone from his breast pocket and showed the court). “I want the custody of the children, because I am interested in their education. And I would not force them. Anyone that likes me can choose to stay with me.”

He pointed  to his 12-year-old  boy dressed in a kaftan the petitioner  saying that could not even spell his name. But  the boy, without being asked by the court,  tiptoed to  the front and  spelt his name correctly.

The defendant, Mojisola Oyewunmi, responding denied all the allegation against her  to the claims .

She positied,” I cannot go anywhere, because I bought the land on which the house was built with my money.

“In 2005, I bought two pieces of lands in my name one for N 70,000 , the other for N50,000. He only became aware when we wanted to build the house in question, when I finally told him about the lands. There,  we sold one to develop and build the other at Olufoam.” She said almost at the top of her voice when asked if she had anything to say.

She continued, ” I have the receipt to the land. ” But  the respondent  dashed quickly to a pew she earlier sat, groped a leather bag and brought out a receipt, confidently showing that it bore her name.

The Petitioner, Awotunde,looked puzzled and  ” I did not know how she got this. The receipt used to be in my bag. She must have forged another receipt.” He lamented.

The court told the parties that since there was no customary marriage, and neither  any form of traditional marriage, nor family introduction between them, the court would decide their dispute fairly on that ground.

The court  also advised them to consider the possibilities of settling their dispute because of their four  children  before the next adjourned date.

The President of the court, Mr. Akinseye Akinleye adjourned the case till August 28, 2019 for hearing.

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