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‘I beat my mother for cheating on my father’

By Bamidele Kolawole

A 17-year-old boy, Thompson Akinfolarin recently stunned spectators in a court in Akure as he admitted beating up his mother because she cheated on his father. This had generated interest as people murmured in shock at the boy’s words.
Not looking repentant, he told the court that “It all started when my mother began to have extra marital affairs. I was angry at her for sleeping with other men. Since that day, whenever I look at my mother, I feel irritated and I cannot respect her again.”
Narrating the reason behind the beating of his mother, he explained ” We live with our mother, I’m not comfortable with her conduct when she has not divorce our father.”
A noisy drama ensued in court as the family of plaintiff and respondent engaged themselves in heated words and hurled abuses at each other.
This show of contempt of court led the president of the court to chase all the family members out of the court so as to continue with his case in some measure of peace.
The mother, Akinfolarin Idowu, a middle aged fashion designer approached the Akure Customary Court Grade B seeking the dissolution of the 25-year-old relationship between her and her husband.
According to her, her husband was not a good husband to her although she had three issues for him with the eldest being a young man of twenty-five years.
“He derives joy from beating me. My Lord, my husband has turned my children against me. in fact, my youngest child, a 17 year old boy has been beating and cursing me since my husband has poisoned their minds against me.
“My son would throw objects at me and slap me around whenever I tried to correct him of any wrongdoing. The others also treat me with disdain as their father has turned them against me.
“I caught my husband having sex with my apprentice on our matrimonial bed. When I took him to task over his conduct, he beat me up on that day. My son is now continuing in his shoes as he also beats me.
“He neglects me, he doesn’t want me to have friends. my life is in danger because my husband is a violent man. I don’t want to die. Please separate us
“My family packed all my property out of his house, because of his attitude, told me categorically that if I did not find means of leaving his house he would kill me.”
While agreeing that she cheated on her husband, Idowu told the court that if she has ten concubines, it was worth what her husband did her.
“My lord, he is fond of singing parable song as a means of hurling abuses at me. He bought Orland Owo’s album and was always playing it because of me.”She stated.
She lamented that she was tired of her husband’s behaviour, noting that two of them sleep separately.
She told the court that she was fed up with the marriage and that the love she has for her husband had faded.
In her words, she would borrow money from moneylenders and other cooperative society to take care of his family, pay for their children’ school fees and noted that her husband did not appreciate it.
Idowu noted that she lack peace in her husband house since they have gotten married.
She urged the court to dissolve the marriage and the custody of the children in the marriage should be awarded to her husband, saying she doesn’t want to die untimely death.
The respondent, Mr Tayo Akinfolarin, a furniture maker told the court that his wife’s testimony were half-truth.
According to him, his wife was not a responsible wife, saying she has another man
Akinfolarin told the court that since his wife began cheating on him, she no longer honour her marriage vows.
“I told my wife not to associate herself with one of our neighbours but she refused to listen to my instruction.
My wife used to provoke me by raising her voice at me, whenever we have quarrel. That was why I beat her.
“I heard that my wife has concubine. She packed her belongings out of my house along with her children. If she want to go she is free, I’m no longer interested in her.”
He urged the court to dissolve the marriage, saying they were not compatible.
The presiding president, Chief Rotimi Olusanya ordered both parties to maintain peace and go home to settle the case amicably.
He adjourned the case till September 13, 2020 for determination.

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