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I do music effortlessly -Omega Melody

A fast rising Juju musician, Ebenezer Soleye with the stage name, Omega Melody, a native of Ayetoro, Yewa North, Ogun state, has said he does music effortlessly. He stated this in an interview with Damilola Akinmolayan of Friday Extravaganza. Excerpts:

Kindly tell us about your career development up to the point you are currently

” Well, I thank God Almighty for His faithfulness over this great career. Despite all the challenges I am facing as an upcoming gospel Juju artiste, I thank Him because He is moving me forward. I have featured in a number of shows as the anchor; I have done challenging radio presentations that demanded a high critical research; also in terms of music, God has helped me to write and sing songs that will remain evergreen. In short, through all these, I am learning and developing myself. These have kept my career going and glowing.

How did you know that music was your calling?

“As You know, the meaning of life is to find your gift, the essence is to give it away says Pablo Picasso.

At a very tender age, God has helped me to truly know what I can do. Music is very easy for me, I do it effortlessly and happily. In addition, you know, we can only become truly accomplished doing what we love.  Despite that I have been in this work for a while now, whenever challenges come, I see them as stepping stones to the next level. Singing is what I love doing and that is the reason I truly know it is my calling.

 What were your parents’ reaction after realizing you chose music as your preferred career choice?

“I started my career early and could remember I started with singing hip hop music. But then, this displeased my father and he would be annoyed whenever he listened to me, particularly when I am composing and singing the hip hop in my room, he never supported that act of mine at that time because he is one of the elders in our church so he believe he cannot give me his support while singing that type of song. Later on, he took me to one of the elders in the church, and finally suggested that I joined the church choir. From there I started a form of music he likes and that finally put me on the track of my destiny.

How were you and your sound discovered?

“This is a long story but I will try to summarise it. I was discovered by one of my sisters who  was a choir member in our church that time. She saw me where I was playing with singing or let me say, I was ‘singing playing’ in one particular burial ceremony of a church member and she said to me, ‘ so you can sing like this and you did not join the church choir?’ That particular day, she invited me to come to church and rehearsed with the choristers. After that, I started singing in the church. That was how I was discovered.

Have you ever found music to be exhausting, if yes, how were you able to handle the pressure to meet the demands of the music audience?

” I can say yes, it has gotten to a level that one day I made up my mind that I will not continue anymore. But I  thank God because He used the people around me to give me good pieces of advice and the courage to move on. I suppressed the pressure because I have the determination, hope, focus, endurance and believe that whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well.

What do you see yourself doing if you had not followed your music dream?

“Well, if I had not been a musician, I actually do not know what I would have been doing by now. Music is easy for me. From the courage I have gotten from music through various levels of appearances, I have discovered some hidden talents. By the grace of God, I am a Radio presenter, MC and a comedian. Therefore, if it is not music, it will be music.

What are your views on the current state of the Nigerian music industry? What positive changes do you think should be injected?

” For me, I think Nigeria music industry is really moving higher and encouraging every talented artiste in the country positively. The only change that I want in the music industry is for our leaders with great achievements in  Juju music to start building and supporting upcoming ones, even if they can install a Record Label like the one the hip pop artistes are doing, it will really help the industry at large. That is my earnest desire.

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