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‘I don’t imitate Baba Ara’

By Bamidele Kolawole


A Gospel artiste, Evang. Williams Ayoola Abejide, popularly known as Onibuore, has said he does not imitate Baba Ara but only using his talent.
Speaking about his pattern of music and Baba Ara’s style of music, he said it is only God that has no equal, “there are duplicates in all aspects of human endeavors.
The artiste who disclosed this to Friday Extravaganza explained that his music potential has been manifesting right from his childhood.
According to him, it is only God that has no equal, there are duplicates in all aspects of human endeavors, both skill and profession.
Onibuore who hails from Ekiti State said he choose music as a career because it was very clear to him that, that was what God wanted him to do
“Many people do call me Pastor and Prophet, but I reply them saying God ordained me to preach the Gospel to the world through music, and when God instructs, one needs to obey.
He stated that the Holy Spirit is his source of inspiration adding that, he can’t sing naturally unless the Holy Spirit minister to him to sing.
“Inspiration from the Holy Spirit can come in diverse means, like dreams, vision, people can speak beside me and the Holy Spirit will touch me to pick a particular word and turn it to music, I rely solely on the Holy Spirit”
“My pattern of music is not deliberate, though I love to sing in Cherubim and Seraphim pattern when I was much younger, but as God will have it, I suddenly discovered that my voice started changing to Baba Ara’s style of music.
“I was so bothered and I did not want people to think I was trying to imitate the late Gospel artiste (Baba Ara).
“Having prayed about it, and consulted my spiritual fathers on the issue, I was told to leave it like that, saying that is how God want it
“I submitted myself to God’s will on the matter, I never thought of singing like Baba Ara, it happened unconsciously, it is the Lord’s doing”
He added that he can’t sing freely without singing in Baba Ara’s style of music.
He noted that his aims in the music ministering are ; to inculcate into people the heart of true worship, to lead people to the altar of God Almighty in true worship, to propagate the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ through music to the whole world.
“I am saddled with the responsibility of leading people to the altar of God through worship”
He however advised Gospel artistes, upcoming Gospel artistes to rely solely on God as their inspiration, mentor, guide and instructor, sing as instructed by God and seek not material things.
“If you serve the lord diligently, God will also perfect everything that concerns you, allow God to use you because He is the rewarder” he said

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