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I emerged best to fulfill my  mother’s dreams- Achievers best  graduating student

I emerged best to fulfill my  mother’s dreams- Achievers best  graduating student

Miss Titilayo Jolapamo is the best overall graduating student of 2018/2019, Achievers University, Owo. In this interview with Bukola Olamona,

she spoke on what her mother told her before she died, how her mother’s words spurred her to graduating as the overall best student and other factors that led to her academic success.


Can we meet you?

My name is Jolapamo Titilayo.

How old are you?

I am twenty-two years old.

What’s your number in the family?

I am the last child among five children.

You lost your mother, when?

I lost her six years ago.

And this did not deter you from emerging the best?

No, it didn’t, because we had a lot of plans before her death and when she died, I thought of  what I could do to make her proud, even in death,  to ensure that her dreams of who she wanted me to becomes and I  worked hard to be that.

Is  Microbiology your choiced course?

Yes, I chose the course myself.

What was your parents’ reaction to that?

Aaah,  they had wanted me to be a medical doctor, an engineer or other popular  courses, but I told them that they should not worry, that whatever course I choose to study, I will make sure I excel and will also make them proud.

So I chose Microbiology because I was interested in it and I am somebody that is interested in research so much and I know that when I dabble into it, it has a lot of fields. I can easily go into research maybe medical, food, petroleum or any other discipline.

How did you achieve your dreams of emerging best in your set?

Through a lot of reading and faith in God.

What will you say has contributed to your success?

Obviously, dedication, commitment and then, where I grew up, so many people believed that I should be a medical doctor, but I decided to choose Microbiology, and I said I was going to be the best to change societal norms of lesser courses and I said I was going to come out best in anything I do or in any area of course I study.

Also, the legacy, dreams and aspiration of my late mother, Mrs Abosede Jolapamo, you know she accepted my choice on anything I wanted to do and advised that I should strive to be the best that I should in any field I find myself.

How can you describe your social life?

My social life is balanced, in fact, I am a member of an humanitarian club called Leadership Experience Opportunity (LEO) and it is a social club. What we do is helping the needy but I was still the president of the chapter and I was doing that alongside my education, so I had a lot of positions, even the National Association of Microbiology students, I was the secretary. I was the vice president for my department. I was the youth treasurer for LEO district 404A1, but I told myself that I would not want that to affect my education because it should be balanced and both education and social life should not affect your spiritual life also .

Your advice for other students?

They should set a goal for themselves and work towards achieving that goal, read like there is no tomorrow and pray like you have not read at all and one thing that you should always do is when you read, have the confidence that you have studied and that you will surely excel.

The secret of success, to me, is the God factor and faith and then the confidence that you have in yourself that you will make it and definitely you will surely accomplish it.

What is your next step ?

Like I said earlier that I am a research person, I intends to go into forensic Microbiology, the use of Micro organisms in Forensics, that is Autopsies and all for crime detection and it takes a lot of research and I want to work for sometimes, so that I will be able to garner some things before I go into research proper.

Owena Press Limited (Publisher of The Hope Newspaper), Akure

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