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My parents taught me any relationship should be for marriage

Damilola Akinmolayan

A fast rising afro musician, Akinlalu Raymond with stage name ‘Starboitino’ bears his mind on his view on relationship and how he has been coping.  Starboitino spoke with Friday Extravaganza. Excerpts

Do you womanise and why?

Even without being a musician, men and women are often attracted to each other. I must tell you that it has not been easy but self discipline is the main thing. Moreover, thanks to my parents, they have taken their time to teach me that the purpose of a relationship is marriage. As a matter of fact, before I can be ready for marriage, every other aspect of my life must have been in order, including finding out my purpose, academics, finance.

So for now, I don’t even think about relationship and whichever lady that want to come close to me, we define the friendship and we both know that marriage is not the goal.

What inspired you to embark on this vocation?

I love music so much and each time I listen to music, I always feel relieved from anything bothering my mind.

What are the challenges you are facing and how have you been able to overcome them?

My father being a prophet is a great challenge on its own, he does not support me as an afro music  artiste at all, but I keep on moving and striving because I know my efforts will pay off someday.

What kept you going?

The secret of my progress is basically self motivation. I wake up everyday and see positivity in myself and the inner voice that keeps telling me “you can do better regardless of your present achievement.”

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