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I married wrongly, divorce seeking husband tells ourt

I married wrongly, divorce seeking husband tells court

By: Seye Fakinlede
A middle-aged man, Paul Oyeti Omoniyi , has approached a Grade A Customary Court sitting in Akure to dissolve his marriage on the claim that he had married wrongly and should have listened to his late mother.

The marriage was blessed with four children namely; Peter Oluwole Oyeti (M), 37, Morenike Oyeti (F), 35, Olutayo Oyeti(M), 33 and Oluwaseyi Oyeti(M),24.

The petitioner, Paul Oyeti Omoniyi , a retired Communication Strategist with the Federal Government,who resides at D-Road, House 7 Olufoam, told the court that he initially wanted to become a Catholic priest but due to his mother’s disapproval, he brought home a woman.

He said” Although my mother was behind my decision to quit the seminary, she did not support the lady I decided to marry. After our marriage, everything she told me about her manifested. She  blocked every plan I told her , and those I didn’t, became successful. She also refused my family members to come visiting, while she made me to accommodate her family. She is a terrible person.”

Giving instances on her being a terrible wife, he claimed ” I once had the opportunity to become an Italian citizen sometimes in 1996 because of the love they had for me while I was away on an official trip for the Federal Government. The Italian government told me to go bring my family, and live among them. I called  my wife and told her the good news but she refused and down played the offer. Because I loved her, I had to come back to Nigeria.”

He continued: ” Even when I had a problem with a sitting government and was detained in Jos for three months, and my salary was withheld for one year, she didn’t come to look for me nor let my family know of my where about. But when I returned, she was shocked and she only knelt down pleading.”

Paul alledged that he and the respondent had been separated prior to this time , sometimes in 2000 but reconciled in 2010 because one of their children got married and after much plea, and again on January 7, 2017 on the claim that she was going  to visit  one of their children only to return to Oba Ile.

 There was a time she took me to a Prophetess in Akure, whom she conspired with to harm me, the prophetess later confessed and told me that I married a wrong woman.”

 Counsel to the Petitioner, Oluwaseun Juba, told the court that the respondent, Caroline Modupe Oyeti who reside at Oba Ile was absent at the court after been served hearing notice.

However, the petitioner was asked by the court if he had remarried.

He replied that  he had remained single.

He therefore prayed the court that he wanted a complete dissolution , claiming he was entangled in the marriage because of disobedient.

The president of the court, Akinseye Akinleye, adjourned till September 7, 2019 for Judgement.

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