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I need divine rearrangement

Pastor Kayode Kolawole

*”Every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain and hill shall be made low: and the crooked shall be made straight and the rough places plain:
And the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together: for the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it.” Isaiah 40: 4 – 5.
“They know not, neither will they understand: they walk on in darkness: all the foundations of the earth are out of course.” Psalm 82: 5.
The above quoted scriptures and many relevant ones that are important to the subject of today which are not included to conserve space and time are pointing our attention to the following facts.
-Abnormal events are rampant in the history of many human beings in the journey of life.
-Many people are weeping due to the unfortunate intervention of diabolical forces that are not visible to human beings.
-A lot of people are failing woefully in the presence of God in the assignments where they are expected to flourish and radiate astonishment.
The question is this. Why? The following answers are relevant.
Valleys that are deep enough to swallow the achievements of ten years in ten seconds are standing before them and are prevailing against them.
Mountains of difficulties that are hidden and higher than the knowledge level of physical and scientific men are saying no to the progress of many people in the land of the living. And the NO is always standing tall.
Many straight forward roads that are expected to lead intelligent men from a meaningful starting point to God’s ordained destination are being made crooked by invisible wicked forces.
Rough places that are making success difficult for humanity to attain are now appearing in locations that were once commodious and openly plain to perform our God approved assignments.
In the light of this narrative, the book of Psalm 82 : 5 justifiably concluded the situation by saying that “They know not, neither will they understand: they walk on in darkness: all the foundations of the earth are out of course.” As from today, this sorrowful dispensation must be obliterated.
Anyone who is not ready to allow the above mentioned situations to be established in his life needs to cry out by saying {I NEED DIVINE REARRANGEMENT}
*Practical Examples Of Candidates Who Need Divine Rearrangement are briefly listed below=>
-Men who are being chased from place of perfect peace to locations of violent warfare to go and experience afflictions God didn’t ordain for them.
-Those who are functioning in the office under oppresive superordinates who are not ready to see them making progress.
-Workers who are being subjected to ridicule and demotion because of their unwillingness to live sinful life in the midst of agressive lovers of unrighteousness.
-Families with strange sicknesses in their generational lineage who are now dwelling in shame and the shameful cases they are passing through are being used to describe them in the community they belong.
-Citizens of occultic villages who had been traditionally limited and configured to fail and fall whenever they are about to reach significant positions in their chosen vocations.
-Women who are married to families with diabolical history where women must mysteriously lose their first male children to the hands of sudden death at a particular age.
At this point beloved, it is only The Power Of Divine Rearrangement that can effectively change the trend in the lives of the victims of the above mentioned precarious dimensions.
*Simple Facts About Divine Rearrangement .
“It comes from God alone. Not from man.
“The purpose of divine rearrangement is to bring back the abandoned and neglected perfect will of God to glorify God and bring benefits to humanity.
“It is often established by God to call out men who are ordained as vessels in the hand of the Lord who are still under the yoke of Satan.
“lt is often established by God to bring highly placed men who are using their God given resources to wage war against the purpose of the most high God.
“Whenever the divine rearrangement comes, the resources to carry it out is always available without any resistance from any where.
“Any step taken by mortal men to stop divine rearrangement usually lead to utter failure.
“Divine rearrangement has the power to withdraw wisdom, knowledge and understanding from highly placed men and compel them to begin to take steps that are contrary to the use of common sense.
“Divine rearrangement may come in the place and time that is contrary to human expectation.
“God can use wicked men and women as instruments of bringing about divine rearrangement and at the end of the day throw them away irrespective of their level of performance.
” Divine rearrangement may bring great hardship and difficulty into the lives of people who love God but at the end of the day, it shall be to their own advantage.
Beloved, divine rearrangement is a must for anybody who loves God and the perfect will of God. If you are in a difficulty that are higher than you at the moment, your case can be made easy by calling the most high God to come with his own will and his perfect purpose. If you do so today irrespective of the level of your earthly afflictions, you shall shine forth as gold.
May the perfect will and purpose of God begin to speak for you now till the rest of your journey on earth. Are you stranded in the journey of life, cry unto your maker who says in Psalm 91 : 15 “He shall call upon me, and l will answer him: l will be with him in trouble: l will deliver him, and honour him ”
With the use of divine rearrangement God will =>
Answer you.
Be with you in trouble.
Deliver you. And,
Honour you.
As you are facing the end of this year, may the great arm of the Lord appear and rearrange your life for good in the mighty name of Jesus.

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