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I want to add value to Yoruba’s culture -Sambar

By Bamidele Kolawole


Famous Afrocentric musician, Adekunle Samuel popularly known as Sambar has said that his aim is to bring people into the right consciousness and add value and beauty of Yoruba’s culture.
According to him, his passion and love for music has assisted him to record many successes in the entertainment industry since he started almost 14 years ago.
During an interview with Friday Extravaganza, he noted that his music focus on African culture.
He noted that his potential has been manifesting since childhood, even though it took long before he could express it. He added that his parents were afraid may be he was deaf, but later was able to talk.
“I started music professionally in 2007, I didn’t really believe people would accept my kind of music as at then, but to the glory of God we got some confidence to project it and it was accepted.
Sambar noted that he was not happy with the wrong messages some musicians convey to the audience in the music industry, particularly to the youth, saying that drug abuse, ritual, prostitution, desperation to make money and live a flamboyant life has become the order of the day in the country.
“I urge my colleagues to pass across quality messages in their music, the fact that too many people are listening to a particular music doesn’t make it a good music, the fact that a musician is making money doesn’t make him a good musician.
“I define a good musician with the values and positive impact his or her content has on people and society. The content of music also contributes to this decadence,” he stressed.
The artiste noted that Nigerian music has improved over the years and gain more recognition around the world.
According to him, environment gives him inspiration, and he also gets inspired whenever he strings his guitar.
He stated that at times he designs his melody and rune progressions even before he composes lyrics.
“Aside music, I’m also into farming and cinematography which added to my daily income.
“I don’t really love to talk about challenges because I believe it’s normal, particularly financial challenges, but the most painful challenge I battled with was the stigma from our people thinking that anybody projecting culture is projecting idols, satanism and demons. But over time, we’ve got the chance to prove them wrong that there is a very big line between culture and idolatry,” he explained.
While commenting on how he is dealing with women, he stated that “If relating well with women and love to be in company of women is termed as womanizing, I would agree that I’m a womanizer because I love women, particularly the weak ones that need help or self esteem building to cope with the uprisings of life.
“I listen to all kind of musicians, but some few ones influenced me and I have learnt a lot from them. People like Bob Marley and Dr Orlando Owoh, they are my role models in the industry.
“No popular artiste mentored me, I can also say they mentored me because I learnt one or two things from the music of the likes of Pa Tunji Oyelana, Ayinla Omowura, Ayinde Barrister, Ebenezer Obey, King Sunny Ade.
He stated that since he has been singing, he was able to produce four albums Titled RAWANIYA 2011, EWEKU EWELE 2013, WELIWELI 2017 and AFRICAN BOY 2017.
In his words, his work takes care of his basic needs in the instinct of contentment, adding that if he was not into music, he would be a painter or mechanic.
The Sociology graduate of Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba Akoko noted that his parents and his wife are in full supports of his music career, saying they love what he is doing.
He enjoined upcoming artistes to do all they can to beat the initial challenge of acceptability by remaining focused, vision driven and constantly evolving. He added that they should not be stagnant saying by doing this, they will surely go far.
Sambar noted that his chosen career has taken him to different parts of the country and awarded him the opportunities to dine with kings.

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