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I want to make money before falling in love-Iceman Sings

Damilola Akinmolayan & Elisha Arafin


An up and coming Afro-beat artist, Daniel Olabiso, with the stage name ‘Iceman Sings’, is a musician  based in Lagos State. In this interview with Friday Extravaganza, he described early love affair as a distraction to his future. Excerpts.

How did you find your self in this profession and when did you start?

I started off in 2017, but officially in 2019, I started when someone complimented my voice, then I paid more attention in making more music, then, it boomed and everyone embraced it.

How do you cope with the fame associated with your career?

I cope with the fame by making myself intentionally infamous; I don’t think of living like a star, I just live a normal life and relate with everyone.

Can you tell us the challenges of this profession?

Challenges of this profession can’t be expressed with words, though, the main challenge is the financial aspect (promotion and making music professionally) also, there are so many artistes in the industry too, releasing music and with that, It might be an hindrance for other artistes coming up.

How do you relax or cool off during your leisure time?

I cool off by listening to beats, doing freestyle as it is brought by the inspiration of the beat I listen to, sleeping and watching movies.

Can you tell us about your love life and how you cope or interact with the pressure from opposite sex?

Love life? nah! I don’t need something serious for now… I’m too busy making music. I just want to have money before I can think of love life.

I don’t like love life now, it is just a deterrent to going higher. I cope with the opposite sex by just being real with myself. I control my feelings a lot.

Who are your role models?

My role models are Wizkid and Burna Boy. I love these guys, they are more or less mentors for me. I took after them.

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