I want to make my mother happy

I want to make my mother happy

By  Esther Ashana
An Idanre based  artiste and a student of Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Temitope Akinsehinde has said that his first time on stage was when he was in primary three, and he started acting in church with the story of Mary and Joseph.

He noted that his passion for hypeman and master of ceremony made him to stand out among his equals.

According to him, it was his father who encouraged him on stage to perform when he was young.

He noted that he has been facing audience since he was in primary school and God has been able to sustain him.

Akinsehinde explained that when he got to secondary school, he was appointed  the Social Prefect and also Assistant Senior Boy in his school.

He stated that he doesn’t want to rely on his mother after the death of his daddy in primary six, he decided to start working on what he knows how best  to do to make his mother happy and proud of him.

In 2017, I heard about a hypeman called Maselo, he was performing at O2 base, I was motivated by him and told myself that I can do it even better.

“I started doing it gradually, telling people I’m into the business, and to the glory of God, my story had changed.

 When I got admission around 2015, I decided to be involved in any form of social issue, whenever there are events in school, I will make sure I attended and also perform on stage, even if I was not invited, I will try my luck by pleading with the people to allow me to perform.

“I love doing this job, because of the passion I have for it and the money that is in the business”,  he explained.

The hypeman also revealed that after his performances, people began calling him to perform.

According to him, when he first started he wasn’t that good, but now he is perfect and he is making his money from his chosen career.

He mentioned some challenges he faced since he has been doing hypeman, especially the spiritual aspect, saying that God has been helping him.

According to him, the fame of the business fascinated  him to be one of those people that are into  it saying  his aim is to become a celebrity.

He disclosed that since he has been into this double talent job, he hasn’t travelled out of Nigeria but he has gone places  like Abuja, Lagos, Benin city, Ondo City, Osun State, Ibadan, and Ekiti state.

He urged people around him to keep on working and doing good, saying they should never relent and that they will make it big one day.

According to him, when someone is just starting his/her career, it will look difficult, but once the person did not relent, such person will make it in life.

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