Image consultant

By Tope Babatope
*Start up cost: very low

Potential first- year earnings: 200% of investment

Breakeven time from initial investment: extremely rapid( several months)

Ideal home-based business

Requirement/Qualification : University degree/ HBD, Buying and merchandising , fashion, Personal image consulting or courses in Fashion and image consulting business

No staffing required

Job description : An image consultant enhances a client’s image by improving personal appearance, diction, clothing, and so on.

Why its a good business :

You have seen the makeover in the magazines. You have read about important of looking good or “right” in social network or while away from home. Many people do not like the way they appear when it comes to dressing  and are willing to spend money to turn themselves into admirable public figures. Many people have started seeing this as avenue to make a living from by improving personal appearance of clients, diction, color and speech making. With so few who are into this and many people are in need of an improved image- especially professionals looking for an edge on the job, one can predictably say the size of the field will continue to grow. People are just now hearing about personal image consulting. When you start from ground zero, you grow quickly.

Start up

As a personal image consultant, you help clients look more of an executive in their chosen industries. The tasks of image consultants vary, depending on their expertise. For example they might:

*Analyze clients’ coloring and advise on makeup, hairstyle, and coloring

*Shuffle through a client’s existing wardrobe, discarding pieces and coordinating what survives

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*Shop for new clothing

*Comment on ineffective body language and mannerisms

* Coach clients on speech techniques .

Some corporations according to our source even place personal image consultants on retainer to make over entire legions of salespeople, and other reflectors of the corporate image. Some personal image consultants concentrate on one specialty, say shopping, while others branch out in even more directions, such as producing fashion shows. “And speech consulting is a major specialty unto itself”.

Brenda York, who founded York and Associates, recommends start-up consultants moonlight part time while holding another job, unless you have a lot of capital and self assurance . “Work nights and weekends- that’s when clients want you anyway”she says.


You must be able to read numerous books on personal image consulting and talk with competitors listed on Directory of Personal Image Consultants. Take courses on how to start your own fashion and image consulting business. You can decide to consult exclusively for men or women. A woman who exclusively consults for men,said ” l love men’s clothing. It’s better made than women’s . Also she add,”men are more receptive than women who have been raised with fashion and have definite ideas about what they like.”

When you are selling your services as a consultant of any sort, clients want assurances that you are truly expert in your field. They ask for recommendations rather than check out yellow pages. People will ask who your clients are, and you should get permission to use clients names. Everybody is a potential client, because everybody is interested in looking better.

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Get your name to a wider audience by speaking to social and civic groups. Those speeches are freebies but you leave business cards and brochures with members of the audience who may contact you later.

Bottom Line Advice:

Our source advised that if your apartment is inadequate, you can meet your clients in a hotel or restaurant or in their home. She added ” tackling one specialty at a time. First learn color, then makeup, then wardrobe, then men” Many personal image consultants push their income well into six figures by developing business boosters, such as conducting seminars. If you dress your client well- and if the client has the talent and drive to go along with the new image you have created- next season you will have a bigger budget to work with when the client returns with a raise and a new title.


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