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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Increase number of Tutors-General, ODSG urged

By Bukola Olamona


Ondo State Government has been called upon to increase the number of Tutors-General in the state to nine against three for effective administration.
Making this assertion was the Principal of Eji-Oba High School,Oba-Ile, Dr Toyin Olobayo during a sent forth party organised for retired and transferred members of staff of the school.
The Principal who said three tutors-general are not enough for the state, added that the job will be easier if two tutors-general can man each senatorial district.
According to him, the office of a tutor general was a concept incorporated into the scheme of service by the Adefarati led administration where most senior principals were mobilised for monitoring activities in schools on regular basis.
“Adefarati felt there was no reason why teachers on Grade level 16 that has assumed the position of a principal should not attain the position equivalent to a permanent secretary in the ministry of education.
“At that point, he appointed nine tutors general across the 18 local government areas of the state based on seniority with each of them monitoring two local governments.
“The administrations of Dr Olusegun Agagu and Dr Olusegun Mimiko sustained it. But before the end of Mimiko’s administration, some of them had retired remaining just three of them. So it was only three of them that were handed over to the present administration.
“Now, in the recent appointment, only three were appointed because that was the number that was handed over to them. So there was no specified number of tutors general that could be appointed at a time.
Olobayo noted that the number of tutors general in the state presently is inadequate considering the roles they play in the development of education.
Highlighting the roles of tutors general, Olobayo said they monitor principals and teachers, teaching and learning in schools, compile list of those who should be promoted among others.
“Presently, the way it is now, it is one tutor general to six local governments. With this they cannot be effective. So we are appealing to the state to increase the number to nine,” he said

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