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Incredible makeup transformation

By Bamidele Kolawole

Makeups are meant to add brightness to facial expressions. We have persons who seem beautiful when wearing makeups. However, they do not appear so attractive when they don’t paint their faces.
Make-up also contributes to the charm of women. Without it, you couldn’t look very gorgeous. Some men claim that without makeup, some women would be so unattractive and men can’t look at them twice.
In this present era, where every woman is concerned about getting her face brightened with all shades of colors as makeup, it would be very difficult for men to know what lies beneats the layers of makeup.
Some Nigerian women look totally different after they have applied makeup on their faces that one would be shocked and nearly assume that the faces they make up belongs to a different person entirely.
The transformative influence of properly applied makeup is demonstrated before and after to see how beautiful the makeup comes out.
Some transition prove you how mistaken you are if you don’t believe that some makeup artists will hide your shortcomings.
There have been complaints from some men whose partners turned out different from the women they used to know as a result of makeup they wear. In order to appear pleasing to these crop of men, Makeup should be applied moderately.

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