Indecent dressing among youths

Indecent dressing among  youths

By Abiodun Omowa

Indecent dressing has become the norm among our youths  in Nigeria today. There is hardly any city in this country that is not facing this immoral act. Indecent dressing  is offensive, improper and morally unacceptable. These dress patterns are morally abusive and reveal the high rate of moral decadence in the societyin our time.

The issue is a social misconduct rampant among the youth and the major cause of assault and sexual harassment in the society.

The rate at which youths of today dress is so appalling that they expose the sensitive parts of their bodies and even in the church.

Comparing the olden days dressing to nowadays, the difference is clear. Olden days youths were so cultured, well trained with moral upbringing. In comparison with today, you will weep for this country. For instance, ladies in the past put on Iro, Buba and Gele while the boys used to wear  Agbada, “Yeri” and Fila but today foreign culture has become the order of the day. Youths instead of embracing their native dresses as their heritage, prefer wearing foreign dresses that cannot cover their bodies.

Most parents and guardians fail to teach their children manner of dressing appropriately and some children no longer wear native dresses but choose to wear foreign dresses like miniskirts, armless gowns, crazy jeans and others, thereby looking like insane persons.

If someone dresses properly and decently, such  will attract respect and such  dignity will be protected, but when one dresses indecently, he/she will certainly attract  harassments and even rape.

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Both males and females no longer dress properly, most ladies in the society today dress half-naked, exposing their bodies to men to attract patronage. It is an aberration that some boys fix their nails, piercing the ears and sagging their trousers making them look like hardened criminals in the society.

This unfortunate societal ill has now eaten deep into both the young and old. It is unfair to shift blame on all parents but some can be blamed.

One of the major root causes of indecent dressing among our youth is peer influence, most particularly those in the tertiary institutions. Some join bad association and immediately their mode of dressing changed.

Reasonable parents do not welcome abnormal dressing but some parents and guardians encourage their children to dress indecently by buying them these dresses that exposed their bodies. Some parents also dress in a shabby manner, this their children copy. The society ill is also common among artistes in Nigeria. Many of our  youth see them as role model, so they copy their lifestyles and mode of dressing.

In order to minimize indecent dressing in our society, parents should be alive to their responsibilities. Parents should all the time control the quality of films, books, websites, that their children  watch and visit.

Religious leaders should also take much efforts and fight the immorality in the society.

They should preach on morality and the advantages of dressing good in the society.

Religious institutions must promote the culture of decent dressing among the youth. Government should tackle the issue of indecent dressing with iron hand. Government should inculcate on our youth reasons why they should dress well in the society.

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The mass media must promote importance of decency and bad effect of indecency among youth. There should be formation of campus brigades to check the dressing pattern of students, this will check the menace in the institutions.

Our institutions too should introduce dress code to curb indecent dressing.

Omowa is a student of Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo.


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