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Monday, June 14, 2021

Independent judiciary, solution to Nigeria’s political crisis

By Roland Bayode


The Accord Party, AP, in Ondo State has identified an independent judiciary as the lasting solution to the political crisis in Nigeria.
The State Chairman of the party, Dr. Ajibola Falaiye in an interview with The Hope said that there was nothing wrong with Nigeria’s politics that could not be fixed.
He affirmed that the country so far has been practicing democracy, however, noted that the issue of electing leaders who will consider the need of citizens as priority has become a dream everyone is praying for.
Conversely, he explained that election in the country has been a rigorous exercise following the traditional pattern constituting mischiefs due to the bad system of operations both from political parties, INEC, and the judiciary who have been a key factor deciding on the election process.
He noted that self-indulgence, exploitation, and corruption are now on a high level .
According to him “I keep on saying that the geopolitical zones in Nigeria have a common problem, the leader instead of shunning materialism, they have put their utmost belief in materialism, nepotism, corruption and nobody is considering the masses. Most of these elected leaders have now become problems in their states, the people that elected them are not flattering them again.”
He added that another apprehension occurring in the political system of the country was treachery and that most politicians no longer have a dependable nor a credible manifesto to show forth what they have for their people, thus they end up deceiving the people who trusted their pedigrees and voting them in.

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