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Invest in sports, Badminton coach urges philanthropists

Invest in sports, Badminton coach urges philanthropists

By Abiodun Ebun and Olaoluwa Omolafe
The Ondo State Badminton Head Coach, Tunmise Olalehin has emphasized  the need for philanthropists, sports lovers within and outside the state to support sporting activities in the state and country at large by investing part of their wealth on the development of sports.

Coach Olalehin stated this during an interview with the Sporting Hope at the State Sports Complex, Akure the State capital.

He urged politicians, corporate organisations and individuals to inculcate the spirit of giving  back to the society through sponsorship of competitions.

 He added that competition remain the best way to motivate more talented youth to engage in sports, saying sports development should not be left for government alone.

According to him, its imperative for philanthropists and our superstars to come  home to contribute their quota to the development of sports in the country.

He said lack of sponsorship was responsible for the retrogression in our local league ,which he said was the reason it was not attracting  much viewers like their international counterparts.

He added that the predetermined way we organised our leagues made many people lose faith in the  league adding that corruption, poor remunerations of athletes and their coaches were another causes of dwindling fortune of sports in the so called football giant in Africa.

He urged sports administrators to value their own product like other foreign countries adore theirs .

He frowned at the League Management Company (LMC) inability to standardize Nigeria Professional Football League meet up with the international standard

The head coach noted that sports like Boxing, Athletics are almost going to extinction,noting that Nigeria no longer produce great boxers, Sprinters like we used to outshine other country at international competitions way back.

He therefore call for total overhauling of the country sports administration and a renewed efforts to re- engineer the sector to return the country back to its glory old days .

“Our referees are not qualified to refer any match outside the country which is disturbing  ,something urgent is needed to salvage the situation.”

Owena Press Limited (Publisher of The Hope Newspaper), Akure

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