Islamic cleric warns muslims against political lies

By Jubril Bada
As the 2019 general elections are near, muslim faithful have been urged to shun lie in their political discussions about contestants vying for political offices in the elections.

The Imam of the Police Officers’ Mess Central Mosque, Akure, Mallam Taofeeq Akintola gave the advice in his Jumat sermon delivered last week.

He warned muslims to be wary of the use of their tongues in condemning their muslim fellows or politicians contesting for political offices due to differences in their political affiliations.

Akintola, who admonished the congregation to desist from the habit of lying against one another without concrete evidence said this is a sin against Allah.

He noted that politicians and political parties in the country are no longer paying attention to their manifestoes anymore, but concentrate on propaganda which brings no benefit to citizens than destruction and violence.

The cleric called on politicians in the country to discharge their duties as expected of them and desist from turning themselves into propagandist

“The habit of saying or writing something that is not true against one another particularly against muslim, it is a sin that can make one to lose aljanah or face the wrath of Allah.

“It is not in accordance with the Islamic injunction to lie against another as it is very common among politicians who allege themselves of corruption cases without evidence in the country” he explained

The cleric noted that the punishment of Allah is awaiting such person who fond of lying against another on the day of judgement.

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According to him, ” On the judgement day the people whom you have lied against will bear witness of lying against them and your good deeds will be removed to pay them back as the punishment.

“After you don’t have good deeds left to pay back, the sins of those whom you have lied against will also be removed and added to your own sins. Eventually, you (the sinners) will end up in hell fire”

Islamic cleric warns muslims against political lies

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Islamic cleric warns muslims against political lies

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