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It’s a new year, women arise, shine

By Josephine Oguntoyinbo
It is a good thing we all made it through last year and the fact that providence has kept us alive till now is an opportunity that should be maximised.

Dear women, it is a brand new year, 2019 and we must believe that the year is indeed going to be a year of possibilities and prosperity.

To this end, this is a time to explore all available avenues and be our best. The time to take  decisions is right now especially because the year is just as fresh.

As we all know, the roles of women in any society are numerous. The female gender is so dynamic that she has psychological changes characterising each phase of her life. As she moves from being a child to teenager, she begins to contend with menstrual issues which come with pains, then she quick to realise that it is not easy to be a woman.

Growing older, she becomes a wife and mother .These stages of her life also have challenges associated with them. And when she thinks she could take a break from productive years, there comes the menopause issues confronting her.

Meanwhile, as if she does not have a lot of psychological issues to contend with, so much is expected from the woman. She is expected to perform her duties so much that she must not found wanting in any of her roles as the daughter, wife, mother, and career person.

Despite all the many things she has to do, many women have distinguished themselves as reliable and quintessential. Today, there is hardly any profession where women have not made their marks, and more than ever before, the maxim:”What a man can do, a woman can do it better “is becoming a reality.

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Little wonder then that beyond gender prejudice we have chant like “No woman, no nation or train a man and you have trained and individual but when you train a woman, you have trained a nation”.defining the very essence of womanhood.

So, if she is such a dynamic being, she deserves to be celebrated. And the woman should not, for fear of society, fail to blow her own horns. Without any fear or favour, promoting the female gender or seeking more privileges for her is not out of place.

 Since getting a female role model in the field where one intends to venture into might not pose a problem, all that is required of any woman is to find out the female role model in her field, emulate them, understudy how they went about issues ,and put such learned behaviors into practice. From where she learns new idea ,the woman could also set goals for herself and put her mind towards achieving it.

Above all, a woman’s  destiny is in her hands. As much as it is good for a woman to accept and submit to the leadership of man, under no circumstances should she allow herself to be suppressed.

It is believed that true men and loving husbands allowed their partners to operate at their best.A real man should not be intimidated by the successes  of his wife.It is only a man who has inferiority complex that tries to cage his wife and restrict her to mere household chores.

Gone are the days when the role of women ends in the kitchen. Even though she is the chief executive officer of the kitchen, the creator has made the woman so dynamic that she could do many things at the same time. The woman is the multi-task machine, hence the true test of a woman lies in her ability to make things work.

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She has to be able to take care of her husband ,children , herself ,and the home front as well as work towards self reliance.

Funny enough, many of this men who get easily intimidated by their partner’s achievement are usually quick to complain of having a liability of a wife.

Why on earth will a woman want to wait for peanuts from her husband before buying some necessary daily needs. There is no doubting the fact that some women are very lucky to have gotten married to men who are ready to do anything for them but life is beyond that.

To be contd.

It’s a new year, women arise, shine

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