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Keep a glowing skin

By Evelyn Omotoye
Being fashionable is not only paying attention to the clothings, jewelleries, shoes, bags or other resembles worn on the body,  but also include giving adequate care necessary to make the skin good to make a complementary snatching outlook altogether.

Looking good is a whole lot. It is really a serious and all encompassing business, and it is not limited to female folks alone. Irrespective of how beautiful, trendy or expensive your outfit is, if the skin is bad-wrinkled, rough, dull or filled with rash and spots or scar, nobody will reckon with your ‘regalia’ in any outing.

No wonder celebrities and fashionista spend so much on their skin and face, especially to always glow and keep the gaze of their fans fix on them. They do more to keep a younger and brighter look as well.

Keeping good face and skin is not all about bleaching your skin or wearing make up, no! There are lots of daily domestic routine and diet that can make you maintain your complexion and bring out the best of your skin, guy or lady,  you can even start early with your kids.

Regular bathing is key. Take a warm shower if possible morning and night on a daily basis with mild soap plus nice fragrance to keep the skin clean and the pores free of any blockage due to oil or dirt. Apply cream, petroleum jelly or oil extract on the skin gently to moisturise the skin. But be sure, the product you are using suites your skin perfectly.

Ensure you wash off your face with facial scrubs or soap. Rub in powder often, if possible oil-controlled powder to keep it dry always. Don’t leave makeups on your face while going to bed,  wash your face more painstakingly not with sponge in order to keep it smooth.

Fruits and vegetables are simply the best diet for good skin. Green fresh leaves, Pawpaw, cucumber carrot and other seasonal fruits will go a long way.  So eat more of these things and you can as well rub their extract on the face and the entire skin. Pure honey, lemon juice, milk and some other local products such as sheerbutter, coconut oil, aloe vera gel can do the job too.

You can as well get magazines, browse the internet, visit a beautician or dermatologist in case you have a more troubling skin to get more knowledge and better advice. Guys, please get homemade remedy or cream/ointment to clear off those bumps and pimples. Most importantly, have a right attitude towards making your skin good and your face flawless, fresh.

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