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Keep Nigeria safe, Political Scientist urges Buhari

By Josephine Oguntoyinbo


A political Scientist, Dr Andrew Babade has advised President Muhammadu Buhari
to remain focused in the fight against insecurity, and rescuing the nation from banditry in the new year.
Babade who gave the advice while speaking with The Hope in a telephone interview, stated that he must curb the situation before it gets out of hand.
According to him , Politicians and their followers should also play politics with maturity in the new year, devoid of rancour or bloodshed..
He urged the president Buhari led administration to work at revamping the nation’s economy and eradicating poverty in the land ss part of it electioneering campaign for Nigerians.
“The president should nip in the bud, the present challenge of insecurity which has been going on unabated over the years in the country, he should rebuild the nation, then, the issue of protests would become an issue of the past.”
“He should work hard on security issues. It breaks Nigerians’ heart hearing issues of insecurity, hardly a day passes that tens would lose their lives due to terrorism, banditry and internal conflicts, ironically, this is more incessant in the North where he came from, he should be more concerned about this issue, it is too saddening, .”
“He should create employment,take a look at Japan, they have one of the lowest crime rate in the World, why? because their youths are employed, the devil finds a job for the jobless, the president should alleviate poverty, seek God’s help, seek more international help, strengthen the army, these are what defeats insecurity, he should ensure sponsors of bandits are exposed.”
“Look at kenya,they sometimes ago froze sponsors accounts, this helped ,as it crippled the terror group activities, this should be initiated too, Spies should be recruited to expose the men who release millions of Nairas to sponsor this heartless beasts to kill their own people”, he charged.
While reacting to recent events in the United States of America,he said the incumbent President Donald Trump actions does not portrait what we can call a good leader.

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