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Knotless braids for ladies

By Bamidele Kolawole


For so many black ladies, memories of rocking an array of braided looks is forever etched in their minds.
Knotless braids are installed by feeding small strands of braiding hair, little by little, into a three strand braid until you reach your desired thickness. Each braid starts with a knot at the base where a hair extension is secured.
This eliminates the knot and makes the hairstyle feel a little more seamless, It appears as if the braids are growing straight out of your scalp as you extend your hair’s length and thickness.
This feed in braiding technique is highly regarded for being pain free, lightweight, and low tension on your scalp and edges.
“When natural hair is over manipulated, it tends to cause breakage, so a protective style like box braids protects it from being harmed,” says by Mrs Gloria Enas, hair expert.
In short, they are braids that get their name from the square shape in which your hair is sectioned off. They are most often installed with extensions and come in a range of lengths, sizes, and colours.
If you are thinking of getting the style yourself, there are a couple of things she thinks you should know. First, you should treat and trim your hair.
Natural hair is often blow dried out beforehand to make the installation process easier for your stylist, so you can have your ends cut then.
Speaking of stylists, Enas recommends that you research yours beforehand and be conscious of the sensitive parts of your scalp during the braiding process.
“If you have a thin or weak hairline, then you shouldn’t put excess tension on those areas,” she warns.
As for when to take them down, she recommends keeping them in for two months maximum.

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