Ladies’ office handbags on point

By Evelyn Omotoye
Handbag is a must-have for any classy woman. The bag in her hand is either for a reason of practicality or to make a fashion statement. Whichever one, the bag must hold some items.

Usually, handbags have many inner pockets.  Some with zippers or buttons, others with open sleeves, all of which are very useful to accomodate items to be secured and conveyed.

Especially to the office, a lady would want to take along some personal official stuffs such as mini notes, pen, mini purse or wallet for keeping money,  ID card or business/appointment cards and lots more which may be too much for a pocket to hold.

Portable cosmetics purse is one of those items that would not be missing in a fashionable babe’s bag. Powder is the first on the list. For those car owners, the bag has less load to carry as many other things would be kept in their cars.

You can be sure that those ladies without car would nearly have a ‘complete package’ of every bit of their daily needs including shopables(snacks, mint candy, chocolate, chewing gum),  slippers, rain cap/portable umbrella, even phone charger among others.

For some ladies whose offices mostly have impromptu travelings, their mini-house bags are always on a standby each day. In fact, you would be amazed at the wonder that portable office bag can do to save the unexpected trip.

However, handbags come in a wide variety of sizes, styles and colours,  office handbags should not be too big but very fanciful. A nice bag to match your office wear is a great deal. In any case,  having more than one will help turn out each office day to a beautiful outfit blend.

Apart from checking for durability, stuff quality, you also need to consider colours that would not be too bright or flashy. Try out black, brown, deep blue, neutral colour among other cool colours for office use.

Ladies’ office handbags on point

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