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‘Ladies searching for boyfriends, not husbands’

By Omowumi Ajibogun

An upcoming media consultant, Raymond Temiyeoluwa Babayemi has described the attitude of some ladies towards marriage saying some are not looking for husbands but boyfriends.
Babayemi noted that he was not ready to go into relationship now because he had not seen the right person to hook up with, adding that he was looking for wife not a girlfriends.
In an interview with Friday Extravaganza, he said with the help of God and men, life as an MC has been beautiful.
He lamented how the pandemic had affected his job, saying it has not been rosy during this period.
According to him, “everything stand still no work no event, even though I has having some event before the lock down but as it is now, we just have to wait for everything to come to normal before we go back to the stage”.
While speaking on his relationship with ladies being an MC, he noted that some ladies get attracted to him and some wanted to move closer to him because of his status but he normally use his brain not to fall for ‘just’ any lady.
“ I relate with my clients in a very mature way both men and female, I know my limit. I know my boundary and it is working. Anything aside working, I don’t do ‘shit’ I face my work squarely”.
“It was not easy for me at the onset. But I still hope that one day, I will get to the level I desire,” he said.
Babayemi mentioned some of his mentors in the industry to include Ambassador Babayemi Babs, the CEO of Ile Alayo Company and Entertainment. He stated that he learnt a lot from him.
“I actually grew up with him he is more of less like a father to me and I have been following him since my secondary school days till this present.
While speaking about his lifestyle, he stated that he is a man of integrity, saying he doesn’t go to event where he is not invited and not a clubbing type.
“I package my work. When it comes to clubbing, I don’t do that, I don’t go for students’ show because I prefer cooperate work,” he revealed.

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