#Young World

Laugh it off

By Kemi Olatunde
1. Akpos returns a missing purse to the owner in a market. The lady was so grateful but when she looked inside the purse, she got confused and said “but I had just a single note of N1000 but now there are 10 notes of N100, how come?

Akpos replied “na me change am, because the last time I helped a person find her purse, she said she wanted to give me something but didn’t have change! So I decided to change the N1000 to N100 so that you won’t complain of not having change”

2. Akpos was in his new limousine when he saw a man eating grass by the roadside. He ordered his driver to stop and he got out to investigate.“Why are you eating grass? He asked the man.

“I don’t have any money for food,” the poor man replied.

“Oh, please come to my house!” Akpos said. “But Sir, i have a wife and four children” replied the man. “Bring them along” said Akpors.

They all climbed into the limousine. As they were going, the poor fellow said: “Sir, you are too kind, thank you for taking all of us in” .

Akpos replied , “No you don’t understand. The grass in my house is over five feet tall, it will be enough for all of your family members.”


Shattered expectation

With hopes,

Rising high to the highest heaven!

With my soul

Expecting miracles of the African haven!

I glided homeward in the big falcon

Back in the country of the blue, white and red, Two little chicks

To the memory of their daddy clentched Their mum, in a melancholy thick,

Watched the falcon dived into Dakar.

A tail twist,

And the falcon was down.

What place is this?

A broken spell?

An expectation clowned?

This is Robertsfied,


A sea of white clouds

Veiling the universe of greens

Like the black eye of a bean

A maze of creeks boardering the universal foam

Is this Ikeja?

Come what may.

Home is sweet home.

But home should be bright and gay,

Unlike this one Like the hill of a mole!

May be, I suffer a delusion of too high an expectation.

Here 1 am now

In this hell called home.

Stranded, six moons and a vow To bring my little chicks home To roost unending In mother land – Nigeria.

By Late Elemo Oladipo Ojo Abitogun

Laugh it off

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Laugh it off

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