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Lawmaker charges youths on skills acquisition

By Adekola Afolabi
A lawmaker representing Ondo East State Constituency in the Ondo State House of Assembly, Hon. Oluwasijibomi Akindiose, popularly called Cicero, has challenged youths in the state to take various opportunities and develop themselves through skills acquisition.

This, he said, will not only make them self-reliant and employers of labour but will greatly boost their incomes, improve the economy of the state and the country at large.

Akindiose who is also the Minority Whip of the House asserted that time has come for youths to be exposed to various skills acquisition programmes available to them to reduce unemployment in the society.

The former council boss added that as a representative of his constituency, he will continue to ensure his constituents take up skills as means of their livelihood to improve their economy.

“We want to see that our young ones are exposed to job opportunities. So, we need to talk to them to look at the various opportunities. Let them pick up skills; develop yourself through skills acquisition. It is coming to that level anywhere in the world today that if you don’t pick up skills you are likely to remain unemployed.

“My own assignment is to ensure my constituents realise this. We have to prepare their minds and make them key into it”, he said.

Akindiose who is also seeking re-election into the hallowed chambers come 2019, equally called for voters’ education so that the people will be better informed about the functions of legislators.

“We need voters’ education so that what is expected of a legislator should be known by the people. We don’t award contracts and even the constituency projects we suppose to have we have not had it. So,  we want to let the people know that a local government chairman is different from a legislator. Ours is much more of influence that physical execution of projects”, he stressed.

On his re-election bid, the lawmaker said he will continue to run to ensure better services delivery to his constituents.

” People are speculating I still want to run. Yes, I’m always running; life is a race and the race is continuous until one dies, so I’m running. I have been running,  I have not stopped running and I will continue to run, but I won’t run away from progress, I won’t run away from success. I will continue to run to ensure better services to my constituency. But above all, God has the final say”, he added.

He, however, did not disclose the political party on which he is re-contesting. The lawmaker was elected on the platform of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), but it is not clear whether he is still seeking re-election on the same party as it was rumoured that he may seek his re-election on the platform of the Labour Party (LP), though he has not formally defected from the PDP.

When asked whether he is actually planning to contest on the platform of LP, Akindiose responded;  “Is it not good to review or revise whenever it is necessary to do so. There is no law that says you cannot review your time but as am talking to you, am still consulting and the first and the last to be consulted is God. God has the final say.

“What is paramount to me is good representation and better services to my constituents. My constituents have been coming to me even those who are anti-Cicero, for the reason best known to them. But I have to first of all pray to God to let them see politics and services rendered as purely for the masses. Let us work towards standardising services”, stressed.

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