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Leadership, solution to Nigeria woes—Ex-Lawmaker

By Jubril Bada


A former member of the Ondo State House of Assembly, Mr. Tayo Abidakun, has identified knowledge -driven leadership as a way out of predicaments facing the country.
Abidakun, who represented Akure South constituency 1 between 2007 to 2011 explained that the present difficulties in the country require knowledgeable leaders who can change the situation for better.
He stated this during a programme on Radio Nigeria.
According to him “Leaders who can find solution to challenges and get it right irrespective of political party should be voted for, to rule the country, state and local levels.
To achieve this, he suggested the need for comparison of manifestoes of all candidates of political parties and their antecedents before deciding on whom to vote for.
He posited that Nigerians deserves a good leader with better political ideology and economic idea to improve on the economy of the country and the individual standard of living.
“A leader that knows the implication of farmers being chased out of their farms and how animal production can be used to boost the economy of the country should be voted for during an election” he said
The former lawmaker, who condemned nomadic way of cow rearing in the country suggested the need to engage graduates in agriculture in the area of animal production to reduce teeming unemployment among the youths.
He added that the security system in the country was not knowledge -driven system, therefore, youths should be engaged to be part of security architecture as another means of reducing unemployment.

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