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Learn when to be quiet

Learn when to be quiet

By Josephine Oguntoyinbo
It has been proven that couples quarrel most times when the woman is disrespectful. A woman who talks carelessly to her husband stands the chance of losing her values .

Abusive words could trigger the beast in the quietest man. It takes a highly matured husband to walk away while his wife hurls insults at him.

Minus the devil who is the enemy of every happy home, a careful use of words by a husband and his wife would go a long way in engendering peace and harmony in the home.

Though it could be difficult but it is workable. As much as possible, the husband and his wife must ensure that they do not lose their temper at the same time.

The woman particularly must learn quietness. Your husband is not your mate, if you care to know. So don’t snap at him at every opportunity. He deserves to be respected even if you are the one feeding him.

Your nagging friend could tell you her own husband leaves the house for her whenever she is spitting fire, do not compare yourself to her. You might not be as lucky as she is. So, understand the man you are dealing with.

More so, the fact that a woman is lucky to have a man who is always ready to walk away rather than make trouble with his trouble- making wife is not something one should wish for.

There should be a measure of decorum. When a man is letting out his anger, no matter how difficult, the woman should try hard not to exchange words with him.

Like one of my aunts would say: “whenever my husband is very angry. I keep quiet. And when I discover that he is saying so much and could hurl insults that could trigger my reaction, I quickly pick my headphones and I will  start listening to music. He would just be speaking and I would not even get to hear any of his words of abuse. It would be difficult to react to what I didn’t hear in the first place”.

For women who find it difficult to keep quiet when their husband is angry, this approach is not a bad one. If he is angry and you are calm, he might just speak to himself.

But if you think you can match him word for word, do not panic when his heavy blows begin to land and make a map on every part of your body.

Like I already said, a woman should give her husband maximum respect to avoid marital abuse. And importantly, the woman must not reciprocate any act of infidelity perpetrated by her husband.

Men could be funny when it comes to extra marital affairs. Nagging, open confrontation and reciprocity may lead to abuse in the home. As a woman, you don’t need these.

Rather, discuss with your husband in the most assuring manner to find out what he really wants. Pray for him too because most times, men do some funny runs because they have been bewitched.

A praying wife is crucial to the success of  matrimony. The union should not be a combination of two mad persons. The woman should pray so that she does not lose her home to enemies of good things.


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