Lesbianism spreads in schools —Investigation

By Favour Norberth
& Bukola Asekunowo


Lesbianism is gradually becoming a serious issue among female secondary schools students, The Hope investigation has revealed.

An earlier report on homosexuality in Nigerian institutions of learning  showed that the practice is spreading like wild fire among students particularly in tertiary institutions.

The Hope observed that the practice has become significant among students in same-sex secondary schools.

One of the girls involved in the act told The Hope she was lured into the practice by her sister.

The 14-year-old said, “my elder sister introduced me to lesbianism when I was seven years old. Over time, I became interested in it and I like to play with ladies alone.”

A graduate of a female-only school in Akure, Miss Wumi Adelusi, told The Hope that lesbianism is rampant among the students.

According to her, lesbianism is caused by too much intimacy among female students, especially those living in boarding houses.

She said, ‘During my days in a female school, I knew how it feels to leave family members. The girls need someone to care for them within that time, and from there, they get to have feelings for each other.’

She added that such feeling makes the students develop disaffection for the opposite gender.

Confirming the prevalence, a teacher in one of the female-only schools in the State, who gave her name as Joy, said their peers and the internet influenced many involved  the practice.

Speaking on the menace, the Executive Director, Pangels Development Foundation, Angela Ogboji, identified same-sex schools and the media as significant factors influencing female students to engage in lesbianism.

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Speaking from her experience while in a same-sex secondary school, she said, “Some girls in my school were practicing lesbianism.

“So you think they will stop? When they finish secondary school,  then they go on as full-blown lesbians, gays or bisexuals”.

Ogboji said continuous education, the abolition of same-sex schools and the crucial roles of the media could stop the menace.

We need to stop shrouding our sexuality in secret. It is innate. We need the correct information on how best to function as humans.

“The media, especially the radio, have been essential in behavioural change.

“The media and the practitioners still need to do more in propagating good ideas and moral values in society. Homosexuality is alien to our culture and it is a crime according to the country’s laws; the media must keep drumming these into the ears of the populace.

“Moral decadence contributed to this cankerworm that is slowly eating into the fabrics of our society, and the media can be a pillar to uphold our values,” she explained.

Lesbianism spreads in schools —Investigation

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