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Lessons From Eid el-Kabir

Lessons From Eid el-Kabir

MUSLIMS all over the world yesterday celebrated Eid el-Kabir, otherwise known as “Feast of the Sacrifice”. The day is in remembrance of Prophet Ibrahim’s obedience to Allah’s directive. In a rare and total submission to the will of Allah, Prophet Ibrahim took his only son, Ismail to Mount Moriah to be used as a sacrifice but was ransomed with ram. Ibrahim’s action demonstrated his total submission and obedience to the will of Allah.

 MUSLIM faithful all over the world therefore observe the day to thank Allah. The festival is also a  personal sacrifice of sharing food with other humans. Muslims, who have the means, are enjoined to offer sacrifice with ram, camel or cow on the day. The animal is divided into three parts. One third of the meat is given to relatives, friends and neighbours; another third is retained for the family while the last third is given to the poor and the needy.

  THEY also observe the ritual of animal killing as a way of acknowledging that only Allah has the absolute right to  life. Above all, it shows the spiritual commitment to the covenant with Allah and absolute submission to His will at all times, in pain or in joy. Essentially, the Eid-el- kabir teaches us many virtues including the virtue of sacrifice, sharing and caring for each other. Nigerians, now and more than ever need these virtues both in our individual and national lives.

WE therefore join other Nigerians in congratulating our Muslim brothers on this auspicious day and enjoin Nigerians irrespective of religious affiliations to take a cue from the deeds of Prophet Ibrahim and allow Allah to take preeminence in their lives.

  OUR  position is that our actions will go a long way at how people accept our religious practice.  In other words, we should do everything that will discourage religious fundamentalism.

 THE way little Ismail submitted himself, even at the point of death to the sharpened knife of his father showed that  his father  must have taught  him the ways of the Almighty Allah from his infancy, hence his willingness to obey not only the earthly father but Allah, who has the power over all creatures. It also showed that whatever situation we find ourselves, no matter how difficult or tough it may look, we should always look up to Allah .

 AMONG the notable lessons from the festival is for parents to show their children the fear of God and respect for constituted authority wherever they are. The total obedience of the small and young Ismail could not have been a momentous decision. It must have been as a result of many years of painstaking efforts of good family upbringing to the credit of his parents. Of course, it paid at last. Contemporary Nigerian parents hiding under misinterpreted verses distorted by some bad leaders to refuse good moral, spiritual and formal education for children should learn from this celebration.

 THOSE  waging war against the country for embracing western education and modern technological breakthroughs that are meant to make humanity  worth while should down their weapons and make peace with the rest of us who want peace. Allah wants human beings to live peacefully,  joyfully in a sane environment.

   WE  also call on all Nigerian leaders, to render selfless service to their subjects.

  IT is a known fact that Prophet Ibrahim did not shirk in his  responsibilities during his life time but accepted his fate and carried out the will of Allah. We should therefore stand by whatever is right and just at all times of our lives.

   THE Hope sees the way Allah came to rescue Ismail from being slaughtered as a good example of how good leaders should always stand by their people  through thick and thin, and provide solution to their challenging situation.

 THE Eid-el-Kabir annual Islamic festival used to remember Ibrahim who agreed to slaughter his precious only son in obedience to the commandments of Allah should not be just celebrated with eating and drinking alone but the lessons therein should be imbibed and put into use in order  to make our nation better.

Owena Press Limited (Publisher of The Hope Newspaper), Akure

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