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Life after wedding

Brother Kayode Kolawole

{Thy wife shall be as a fruitful vine by the sides of thine house: thy children like olive plants round about thy table.}.

Life after wedding. What a strange topic. The common habit of this present generation is to prepare for wedding but not for marriage. Why?
We have a generation where family values are fast dying if not dead.
Churches that are expected to correct the evil trend are crowd conscious but not home conscious.
Homes that are expected to be home conscious are commercially conscious and career conscious.
Schools that are expected to be socially conscious are conscious of physical structures that can attract parents to bring their children for patronage so as to rapidly cover cost of invested capital instead of building human capital for tomorrow simultaneously.
But from the perspective of the scriptures, the Lord wants the following for families after wedding.
“Physical and spiritual acceleration for the couples.
“Playing the role of sources of blessing for the generation they belong.
“Living as the light and ambassador of the Lord in the land of the living through the establishment of glorious homes where children can learn about God and lean on God perpetually from youth till the end of their lives.
“Standing on the promises of God to solve inevitable problems of life instead of running from coast to coast in fear in the days of adversity.
“Growing together and raising children under endless comfort and compassion of the Lord.
“Waking up on daily basis to face divine direction in all areas of their lives until they get to divine destination through the grace of God.
“Taking decisions that will glorify God and acting on the decisions according to the pattern shown by God to his own glory.
“Experiencing astonishing elevation after every joint effort put in place as a team to demonstrate the necessity of walking as one to the children who are expected to be instruments of signs and wonders in the midst of this untoward generation.
Based on the above reasons and others that are not mentioned to conserve space and time the Bible says “Thy wife shall be as a fruitful vine by the sides of thine house: Thy children like olive plants round about thy table”
The above quoted scripture would have come into automatic manifestation if men and women are seriously joining hands together to logically, physically, emotionally and above all spiritually prepared for marriage instead of preparing for wedding carnivals.
Why Do We Need Deep Spiritual Preparation For Marriage Instead Of Wedding? We need to do so because =>[The Person You Get Married To Shall Determined The Following].
-The physical and spiritual quality of human beings you shall regard as your in-laws. If they are spiritual you are blessed. If they are not, you are in for a serious battle.
-The types of strange problems you shall begin to solve which may penetrate into your life through the family of your spouse.
-The variety of evil forces you may begin to battle from the secret confrontations that may be coming from human beings who intended to marry your spouse but who were not physically opportuned to do so.
-The strange battle from the unseen spiritual spouse of the human being you marry who can generate strange disagreement from minor conversation to make sure that you don’t live in peace as a united family.
-The person you are married to shall determine the new name you shall begin to bear and as a man the type of woman who shall begin to carry your family name about.
-The type of food you shall begin to eat after wedding.
-The mode of your dressing shall be influenced by the type of human being you are having as your spouse.
-The type of sickness and infirmities which may be communicated to your body shall be determined by your spouse.
-The types of friends who shall run away from you or come close to you shall be determined by your spouse.
-Your progress in learning new things may be influenced positively or negatively by your spouse through the peace or battle his/her character may keep releasing into your journey in life.
-The type of opportunities for moving forward in life and the level of benefits you optimize from such opportunities may revolve around who your spouse is.
-The level of your efficiency in your office shall reflect the type of marriage you are having at home because the level of peace a man/woman enjoys in a home will determine the state of soundness of his mind outside the home environment.
-The level of public regard you shall have in your community shall be influenced by the human vessel you call your spouse.
-Your level of commitment in the service of God shall be determined by your spouse you live with on daily basis.
-The type of prayer you shall begin to pray after wedding shall reflect what you are passing through and things that are passing through you.
-The level of inner joy you exhibit will tell you whether you are in a happy married or in a horrible quagmire.
-The type of preparation for a peaceful married life shall determine the member of children you may bear and how you shall raise the children.
-The type of human being you are married to may determine how long you may live after wedding if care is not taken.
-The type of marriage you are having will determine the number of people you shall lead into marriage or away from getting married.
-The type of human being you are married to on earth may determine whether you are going to heaven or hell at the end of your journey here on earth.
Because many people are not fully aware of the above facts and others that are not mentioned, some casually got married into crisis because the only thing they prepare for was wedding but not marriage.
At this point my fortunate readers, if you belong to the category of casual human beings who got married casually and all the above mentioned consequences are unfolding around your home, there is a way out.
You are not under condemnation but you are under divine consideration for remoulding in the workshop of God Almighty if only you can call on him.
We are fully aware that wedding is expected to take place between two intelligently and spiritually sound individuals. That is under normal circumstances but in reality, satanic forces had initiated many people into the crisis that are irreversible based on human calculation but with God nothing shall be impossible.
If the above mentioned negative implications of life after wedding are now germinating in the garden of your marriage, the hands of divine harvester shall enter into your marriage and uproot them for ever in the mighty name of Jesus.
If you are aware that you got married casually contrary to the perfect will of God, call the Lord Jesus to come in his power to come and perfect all that concerns your marriage.
If you perfectly married according to the perfect will of God like Adam and Eve but Satan had rendered you naked, stop bidding from God, come as you are. He shall remove the leaves of shame from your body and give you a more befitting garments of glory in the mighty name of Jesus.

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