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Lime Farming business: Site Selection

By fatima Muraina


Lime plants can grow well in all types of soils. But light soils having good drainage system are most suitable for commercial lime farming.

The lime plants can also grow in slightly alkaline and acidic soils. Light loam soil with good drainage system is considered best for lime production.

Prepare the Soil

Plough, cross plough and level the land properly. Add as much organic contents as you can while preparing the soil.

Climate Requirement For Lime Farming

Sub-tropical climate is the best suited for commercial lime farming business. Temperature below -4°C is very harmful for the young plants. And temperature around 25°C is best for optimum root growth of the lime plants.

Choose a Variety

Choose a variety from any of the lime varieties depending on it’s availability and growth rate in your area.


The lime plants are propagated by budding or by air layering.

Purchase Seedlings

You can purchase seedlings from any of your nearest nurseries. Lime plants are highly available in almost all nurseries.


Planting of lime plant is generally done at afternoon when sun light is reduced. Water the plants immediately after planting.


The lime plants are very strong and hardy, and they generally require less caring and other management. Although, taking additional caring will help the plants to grow well and produce more.


The lime plants are heavy feeders. They require both organic and chemical fertilizers for better growth and maximum production.


Lime plants require regular irrigation for better growth and production. Lifesaving irrigation should be given in winters and summers. Irrigation is necessary for Flowering, Fruiting and proper plant growth.

Controlling Weeds

Weeds consume nutrients from the soil, so controlling them is very important. They can be controlled either manually by hand hoeing or chemically. Use glyphosate at the rate of 1.6 liter per 150 liter of water. Use glyphosate only on weeds not on crop plants.

Pests & Diseases

Common pests and diseases of the lemon plants are Citrus psylla, Leaf miner, Scale insects, Aphids, Mealy bugs, Citrus canker, Gummosis, Powdery mildew, Black spot, Lemon scab, Collar rot, Zinc deficiency, Iron deficiency etc. Contact with an expert in your area if you notice any problem.


The lime fruits become ready for harvesting when they attain proper size, shape along with attractive color. Depending upon varieties, fruits become ready for harvesting in Mid-January to Mid-February.


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