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Lockdown: Give farmers special privilege –Adewumi

Lockdown: Give farmers special privilege –Adewumi

By  Kehinde  Oluwatayo.

A National President of Nigeria Cassava Growers Association, Pastor Segun Adewumi, who made the call in an interview with The Hope said farm work is time bound and the moment the natural period for a particular activity expires, it cannot be reversed.

“We are in planting season, although the lockdown directive is aimed at preventing the spread of Covid-19, but farmers should be given concession to move to their farms to plant and harvest their produce before the raining season expires, so that we do not go hungry at next harvest season.

“As it is, farmers are not planting as they should. Even where there is no total lockdown, getting vehicles to transport them to their farm is not easy. So, he issue has to be addressed.

“For us now, we are permitted to distribute cassava stems to cassava farmers in their depot all over the country, so also farmers should be allowed to go to their farms and plant. Now, this lockdown will affect maize that people consume between April and July.

“So, this is an important issue that government should find solution to, if we will not go hungry in the next harvest season, because season does not wait for anybody”, he stressed.

He prayed that the pandemic be over as soon as possible, so that everyone could go about his business.

Owena Press Limited (Publisher of The Hope Newspaper), Akure

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