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Lord, heal my speed

By Brother Kayode Kolawole


“Then we separated from the river of Ahava on the twelfth day of the first month, to go into Jerusalem, and the hand of our God was upon us, and he delivered us from the hands of the enemies, and of such as lay wait by the way” Ezra 8 : 31.
In the journey of life, there are various categories of men with multiple characters that are the basic determinants that can hinder or enhance their success from the take off point to their expected destination. These categories are listed bellow:-
*People who are slow but do not know that they are.
*People who are slow and they know but do not know why they are slow.
*People who are slow and they know that they are but are not doing anything about it.
*People who are slow and they know and they even want to do things that are wrong about it without knowing that such solutions are wrong
*People who are slow and they know that they are but are blaming other travellers about it.
*People who are slow and they know that they are but are postponing the day they will do something about it either wrong or right.
*People who are slow but they believe that somebody should arise and do something about it on their behalf.
*People who are slow and they know that they are and they are doing the right things about it but not with the whole of their hearts.
*People who are fast and they are under the influence of divine speed programmed by God and they diligently keep on to the pattern of the Most High God so that they can gloriously run to the end in the journey of life.
{The purpose of today’s sermon is to make sure that all my fortunate friends come to the last category and flourish to the glory of God and to the benefits of humanity}. This shall be so for all of us in the mighty name of Jesus.
For us to become members of the last group, seven great questions must be examined and honesty answered by us.
1.Is my speed normal?
2.Is my speed abnormal?
3.Is my speed constant?
4.Is my speed progressive?
5.Is my speed regressive?
6.Is my speed towards the wrong direction?
7.Is my speed towards the right direction?
Further more, life itself is a journey and the success minded travellers must compulsorily take authority over the following variables in the place of prayer.
The nature of the road. Some are good some are bad. Study the road of your destiny very well.
The habits of your fellow road users. You don’t have physical and scientific control over them but they are controllable in the place of prayer.
The state of the vehicle of your destiny. This revolves around why and how you were born and what God had ordained you to do in the land of the living from the day you were born till the day you shall die.
The personal skills and experiences you gather in favour and against the success of your journey in life. Many are spending precious time and resources in acquiring certificates God didn’t design for them in life.
The compatibility of the vehicle of your destiny is determined by the type of road you put your vehicle into or the forces you don’t understand had put your vehicle into. A good aircraft on a railway line is already a failure because the intention of the designer is to make it fly in the air.
The spirit behind the fellow passengers who are in the same vehicle with you. Many people are having their enemies in the vehicles of their lives in form of wrong wives, evil business partners and demonic bosom friends.
Your ability to hear from God when problems appear even when you are in the God protected road in the journey of life in the sight of God.
Your ability and voluntary willingness to do what God is saying at every point in the journey of life in time of peace or war.
Your deliberate and conscious desire to give glory to God whenever progress is made in the journey of life.
{How Can You Know That Your Speed Is Sick?}
°Going to where you shall not be blessed regularly.
°Always rejecting good advice until the point of absolute regret.
°Moving in the company of travellers with sick speed despite the warning signs that are given to you physically and spiritually.
° Coming late regularly to places where helpers and blessings are waiting for you until such blessings are transferred to those who are earlier than you.
° Falling sick any time life changing opportunities are about to come across your destiny.
° Rapidly and happily running to where you are likely to sustain far reaching injuries but sluggishly moving to where the star of your destiny shall shine.
1.The cost of your journey shall begin to increase without getting to your destination.
2.High way robbers and sick road users may begin to delay you to create more problems for you.
3. People who know you may begin to say where is your God.
4.Those who started with you shall leave you behind because human sympathy has limit.
5.Those who started after you shall overtake you and may begin to see you as absolute reference of mockery.
6. The consignment in the journey of your destiny that are perishable because of time factor shall no longer be useful because men and women who are waiting for you are likely to patronize the early risers who are equally useful for their purpose and pattern.
7.Sadness and sorrow you didn’t plan for shall begin to unfold because you may begin to envy those whose speed are not sick.
Beloved, the purpose of God for you is to have a successful testimony according to the pattern of Israelites in Ezra 8 : 31.
_On their way to Jerusalem, they knew that the evil ones were on the way.
_They prepared physically and spiritually.
_They sought the face of the Lord in prayer and fasting.
_The good hand of God was upon them.
_The hands of the enemies could not prosper in their lives.
The above shall be the testimony of all of us as from today. If your speed had been sick before, the great arm of the Lord shall come upon your situation and you shall run and meet up with the divine agenda for your life in the mighty name of Jesus.
Your Fellow Traveller
Kayode Kolawole.
A R O SW 14
MFM Owo.

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