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Lovers die during sex romp in Ondo

By Sade Adewale, Ondo

A middle-aged man identified as Eric and his yet-to-be identified girlfriend have reportedly died during a sex romp in Ondo town.

The incident, which left residents in shock, occurred behind Holy Flock of Christ Grammar School in Ayeyemi, Ondo, located in the Ondo West Local Government Area.

The Hope Metro gathered that the lovers were found dead in the man’s apartment during a sexual encounter.

The exact cause of their deaths, which occurred on Saturday morning, remains unknown.

However, some residents suggested that the couple had a generator running and a phone charging on a socket placed on the bed. They said it’s possible that the woman’s chain made contact with the socket, resulting in electrocution.

A resident Ayo described the scene as “crazy”. Eric’s relatives found the bodies when they checked on him after he didn’t answer his phone. They looked through a window, spotted the bodies, and then broke down the door to enter.

They found the couple together and summoned a doctor to separate them before notifying the police.

The Enu-Owa Police Division confirmed that the lovers were electrocuted because the chain worn by the woman came into contact with the socket.

Eric, the deceased, owned Almaco shop in New Garage, Ayeyemi, Ondo.

He was a father of three children from two different relationships. His first partner had one child, and his second partner had twins.

Eric had just moved into a newly built apartment behind Holy Flock of Christ Grammar School, bringing only a mattress and a generator for his stay with his girlfriend.

The woman was reportedly a returnee from an Arab country and a single mother of one.

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Lovers die during sex romp in Ondo

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