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Maggi cubes for ladies’ big butts, sexy look

By Sunmola Olowookere


Women have been faced with the challenge of holding their lover’s interest from time immemorial. This is more so in our part of the world where men are permitted to have several partners. Some of the woman’s body assets guaranteed to hold a man’s attention are numerous, but the one that is of the most popular demand is a large behind.
It could also be called a woman’s buttocks. This body part has led many to their doom as they met with an unsavory end while they are led away by a wiggling behind.
An accused person ( name withheld) once told an Akure High Court Judge during a trial while justifying why he raped and killed his victim “I was tempted by the way her buttocks moved as she walked before me on the farm path which made me to grab her from behind and forcefully raped her. I also killed her with a stone after she called my name. I don’t know why I got angry and killed her because I had no quarrel with her. I hit her head with the stone till she breathed her last and covered her body in a shallow grave in the bush”.
Apart from the tragic part, most men are captivated by a curvy and impressive behinds as many professed to have been shown a glimpse of heaven on the wings of a woman’s rear.
This interest probably pricked ladies’ desire to have an impressive behind. The current trend now is women injecting Maggi cubes into their butts for backside enlargements.
These women believe that men are fascinated by women with a large backside hence their fixation with it. Many women in Nigeria are now injecting Maggi cubes into their anus in order to boost their backside despite the several warnings by medical experts.
According to a 2018 media report, Congolese women began to inject themselves with seasoning cubes with the hopes of making their buttocks bigger.
Recently, the video of a woman injecting a concoction made up of seasoning cubes and chicken stock began to make wave on the social media. The woman was seen injecting this concoction into her anus. She believed that this concoction would increase her butt and help her achieve a sexier look.
While some believe that it works, others argue that it couldn’t be farther from the truth.
Achieving a sexy look is one of the reasons why women perform surgeries, take injections, use suction cups. This is all in a bid to make the butt bigger. In this part of the world, a bigger backside is an attractive feature for many individuals, male and female alike.
Research shows that it was not a new practice in Africa, just that some Nigerian ladies are just picking interest in it.
In 2009, a reporter with Sahara reporters wrote ” A very toxic thinking and dangerous practice hangs like a storm over the African continent. Reports, emanating from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), say that some boneheaded Congolese women, stick MAGGI CUBES, maggi the culinary companion into their anal canals with the sole purpose of acquiring rounded, bubbly buttocks. Because Congolese men prefer women with such physical ‘attributes’. What wilful ignorance!
“Seriously, I do not know what they are drinking out there in the Congo, but they can keep it to themselves and I pray that women from other African countries would demonstrate a good sense from being contaminated, not to follow suit. This is not an indictment. This is a CONCERN because ignorance and illiteracy thrive on the Continent like daffodils in spring.”
This invariably shows that the trend is not new in the African continent. Probably, it made an incursion into Nigeria in 2018.
According to research the concoction is usually a mixture of the cubes and chicken broth mixed and put into a syringe. Chicken broth or sometimes water is boiled and put in a small cup containing crushed seasoning cubes which are mixed thoroughly and then put into a syringe.
The position taken for this injection is usually on all fours with the butt slightly elevated. This allows the mixture to stay in the anus. This process is usually repeated twice with full syringes in each session.
Does it work?
There is no universe where this concoction is guaranteed to increase the size of one’s buttocks. The large buttocks that are desired by people are usually composed of fat and this fat is usually deposited over a while.
Genetics controls to a large extent where fat is deposited in a person. It could be mainly in the buttocks in one person and mainly in the arms in another person or the abdomen in someone else. Genetics plays a large role. Some people have learnt to bypass genes by undergoing surgery, the commonest which is the Brazilian butt lift where fat harvested from usually the abdomen is injected into the buttocks.
What are the risks?
A medical doctor, Silas Joy has revealed through his blog @OfficialSilasMD that a number of women who inject seasoning cubes into their butt to make it bigger are at the risk of adverse effects of such practice.
He shared an old video of a documentary where women who are involved in the practice opened up about injecting seasoning cubes with the hopes that the sodium and oil in it will make their butt larger.
He warned that the salt in the cubes could be absorbed by the lining of the anus and this will go into the bloodstream.
He said the excessive salt in the bloodstream could lead to hypertension.
According to some medical experts, the lower end of the anus largely absorbs nutrients from what then becomes your faeces, as a matter of fact, some drugs are given through the anus and is absorbed very fast into the bloodstream.
They warned that excess salt in the bloodstream can cause hypertension, especially in Africans. A person, in theory, can develop hypertension from this practice.
Also, there is a small risk of getting infected when injuries occur from jamming a syringe into the anus, this infection might become infected and have far-reaching consequences.
This practice should be avoided at all costs, not only is it ineffective, but it can also be harmful, they warned.


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