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Maharaj Ji tackles Dangote over Nasarawa home demolitions

By Samuel Alonge
Leader of the One Love Family, Satguru Maharaj Ji, at the weekend, called on the Federal Government to arrest the chairman of Dangote Group of Companies, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, over the plight of the people of Akoh, Nasarawa State, whose homes and farmlands were reportedly destroyed to pave way for a sugar factory.

Maharaj Ji, who stated this in a statement he issued and personally signed at the Maharaj Ji Village on Lagos-Ibadan expressway, during the celebration of the “Golden Age Festival”, expressed concern that “people’s houses and farmlands could be destroyed, thereby displacing thousands of people, and the reason given is that they (Dangote Group) had bought the land to establish a sugar factory.”

“How on earth will you displace people in the name of sugar factory? Dangote is so blessed; he has built factories in Africa and the whole world with the blessing that has touched him from Nigeria.

“We wonder how a man of his standing will would go so low as to destroy people’s homes, making them homeless, just because he wants to build a sugar factory.

“There is the need for the President to use his Executive Order to arrest Dangote and make him arrange with utmost urgency and dispatch, temporary accommodation/homes for these people,” Maharaj Ji demanded.

The ascetic spiritual leader further charged the mogul, reputed as the richest entrepreneur in Africa, to “realise that Allah didn’t bless him to drive people from their homes and turn them to destitute and beggars.”

“If he (Dangote) once walked bare-footed, hawked bread or even pushed a wheelbarrow, I believe his sense of love should be able to show empathy and care with the blessings the Creator has given him, to lift others from such pitiable conditions,” he counselled.

Meanwhle, Maharaj Ji has described the Golden Age Festival as the “golden time in the history of the human race to meet, walk, talk, eat, drink and dance with that very special Golden Boy (himself) who arrived back to Africa on July 17, 1980 and has been playing the Divine Personality of the Almighty Creator.”

Maharaj Ji, 71-year-old and a celibate, said at a world press conference in the Maharaj Ji Village, that he “cancelled the end of the World Rapture prophesied to start from July 6 and 7, 1999, to the midnight of December 31, 1999.”

He also recalled that he consecrated Nigeria as “the New Holy Land of the Universe on May 23, 1993, to replace the old holy lands in the Middle East, since the Masters have ascended.”

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